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March/April: PARCC Edition

A Note from the Tech Guy

Brace yourselves...PARCC is coming!

This edition is totally dedicated to the upcoming PARCC test - if you are at Walnut Ridge you can probably ignore this...for the rest of us, I am including helpful hints, videos, links, calendars and more! Since this is year two things should be much easier (for teachers and students). Take a look below but our faculty training is on its way: Monday, March 21st for CM & RH (@RH) and LH & GM (@GM). The High School training will be when we come back from break on Monday, April 4th. And don't stress - the IT department has your back!

On with the news...


3/21 - Test Administrator Training for CM, RH, LH, GM

3/24 - Infrastructure Test @GM

4/4 - Test Administrator Training for VTHS

4/4 PARCC Testing Opens for Grades 3-8 in NJ

4/11 PARCC Testing Opens for Grades 9-12 in NJ

4/11-4/22 - PARCC Paper Based testing window

5/13 - PARCC Closes for grades 3-8

5/20 - PARCC Closes for grades 9-12


Training Video (courtesy of Austin Thomsen, Montville SD)

PearsonAccessNext Test Administrator Training (Spring 2016)


The following is a link to Drew and my presentation for the faculty meetings

Tech Helpers

Here is who will be helping each school for tech support:

CM - Angelo Iurato

RH - Steve Fitzsimmons

LH - Janet DeSenzo

GM - Denise Gilchrist, Ron Harris

HS - Jackie Van Orden, Pete Van Gilst


The following are a few helpful hints to get you started


TEST REFUSALS - the state of NJ requires all students to take the PARCC assessment grades 3-12. If a parent wants to refuse the test, they must now go to the Board Office to complete the refusal process.

FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? click this link to send yourself a password reset. If it asks for your username, use your email address.

TECH SUPPORT - we will have the backchannel running on todaysmeet.com - so use todaysmeet.com/cmparcc, todaysmeet.com/rhparcc, etc

LOGGING IN TO WINDOWS FOR THE TEST - if the students are testing on windows desktops or laptops, they should use our generic parcc logins, for example:

username: hsparcc

password: Vikings123!

The new TestNav app will be waiting on the desktop for them!

ADJUSTING VOLUME - remember that the students must always adjust volume before they start the test. If they need to adjust the volume afterwards, they will have to save and quit the test and then will need to be resumed