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TurnerBartels K8 - Room 437 - Ms. Tyson


May 13 Safety Patrol Picnic

May 18 5th Grade Wax Museum - 9:15am
May 19 Multicultural Festival at TBK8 - 6pm
May 20 5th Grade Field Trip to Busch Gardens - All Day
May 12-20 Book Fair
May 25 Volunteer Breakfast
May 27 STEM Awards
May 30 NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day

June 2nd -3rd Field Day Celebrations
June 8th 5th Grade Banquet
June 9th 5th Grade Kickball Game
June10th Last Day of School


Week of 5/2 - 5/6 - We completed our final FAIR test for the year and I am delighted to report that all students did exceptionally well!

We hope to continue our Socratic seminars on Fridays as we discuss current events and engaging topics. Students have enjoyed these spirited seminars and have broadened their perspectives on topics as well as demonstrated excellent critical thinking as they sharply communicate their thoughts in disciplined conversations.

This week we will complete a close reading module that will engage students in discussion that involve how two authors in different genres describe the same event. The short texts will require students to analyze, make inferences based on text evidence and defend their understandings through discussion and close reads. We will use context clues to determine word meaning and unfamiliar phrasing in both text. For the summative activity students will write an explanatory essay about the main ideas and key details of each text. Our short text will be "Chicago" and "The Great Chicago Fire".

Week of 5/9 - 5/13 - Instructional focus will be on examining the subject of historical texts in order to draw conclusions, utilize text evidence and inferred conclusions about historical subject in order to develop and support an opinion. Students will integrate information from multiple sources in order to establish and support an opinion.

Week of 5/16 - 5/20 - LDC Social Studies Module - Louisiana Purchase, You Decide. America purchased the Louisiana Territory in 1803. Students will read and analyze several sources. Then write an argumentative essay. Briefly describing the roles of Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon Bonaparte and how they were involved in the purchase of the Louisiana Territory. Students will be asked to select one and argue why that person's role was most important.

Week of 5/23 - 5/27 - LDC Social Studies Module continues.


We will focus our efforts on responding to reading to demonstrate understanding. Our concentration will also be how to incorporate specific details in a narrative written from third person perspective. Students will select a topic of their choice and write a narrative piece to reflect their use of repetition to convey tone and mood in writing. Students will participate in on-going conferences with the teacher as they create their narratives.

We will also participate in letter writing as a culminating activity for fifth grade. Students are asked to write a letter to their "Eight Grade Self". These letters are sealed and held by the teacher until the end of their eight grade year at TBK8. This activities is always an insightful and emotional one as student reflect on their aspirations for the next three years in school.


We continue our focus on early America as we study how societies develop? Students will read and identify economical, political and socio-cultural motivations that drove the development of America.

Our Wax Museum activity will be on May 18. All students had the opportunity to pick a name of a historical figure from the 1900's. Students will conduct research based on the guidelines of the project as they create a Discovery Education board, author a 30 second speech and create a costume that reflects the historical figure they chose.

Please support your student as they work to complete this memorable activity. Students were asked to create costumes from material at home and inexpensive accessories to complement their visions. The activity will be held on May 18th, the DE Board is due May 16 and 30 second speech is due on May 17th.


CONGRATULATIONS!! to our STEM Students of the Month April

Antra Sharma