Rhino Weekly Connection


A Note from Mrs. D!

Hello Ryan Families!

It has been such an amazing start to the school year! Staff and students are working hard to get to know each other, review expectations, and set the stage for an amazing school year. It feels so good to be back together and learning in a "normal" way again! I'm sure at home all of you are working on adjusting to new routines and schedules again, just as we are here at school. I know in my house we've had some bumps in the road, but over all it's been a great start all the way around! :)

For families that are new to Ryan, we will send out this update weekly on Mondays, unless we don't have school. It will include important school-wide and district information. Grade levels/classrooms will also be sending out updates regularly. Please be sure to read through the information carefully, but know we are always here if you have any questions.

In this week's update you will find:

  • Late Start Wednesday Info.
  • Counseling Corner
  • PTA Update
  • School/District Updates and Reminders

Thank you for helping make the first week so wonderful!

Take care,

~Mrs. D

Wednesday Mornings

This Wednesday will be our first late start of the school year. This means school does not start until 8:50. During this hour, teachers will be collaborating and working on meaningful professional development together.

Details: The same morning routine will take place as above, everything will be one hour later.

  • Busses will drop off at 8:40.
  • Walkers, bikers, and car riders may arrive from 8:35-8:50 (adequate supervision for these students will not be available until 8:35).
  • Breakfast will be served from 8:35-8:50.
  • Students arriving after the 8:50 bell will need to enter through the front doors and will be marked tardy.

Free Childcare: Free childcare will be offered on Wednesday mornings.

  • There is no pre-registration required, but you must come to the front doors of the school, with your child to sign them in with the supervision staff.
  • Students will play outside if it is nice or in the gym/cafeteria in case of icky weather. Sign in will be from 7:40-7:50. We ask that families that will be utilizing the childcare arrive no later than 7:50.

Counseling Corner Update

Dear Ryan Families,

It is hard to believe another school year is beginning! I am filled with excitement at the

anticipation of hearing the building full of joyful little voices. I’m sure that many of our students are similarly feeling a mix of excitement and apprehension about coming back to school. The return to school is accompanied by many conflicting emotions, and your child will be in loving hands as they adjust into new routines.

I’d like to share the structure of the Ryan Comprehensive Counseling Program. Each

year your student(s) receives whole class counseling lessons focused on their

social-emotional development, academic skills, bullying prevention & conflict resolution, and

exploration of who they are developing into within our big wide world. Students may be

invited to join small group sessions aimed at growing skills such as emotional regulation,

friendship tools, navigating worry & anxiety, self-control, as well as other topics. These

services promote personal and social development, which, in turn, supports academic

growth. Individual counseling visits are available upon the request of a teacher, student or

adult, however these visits do not constitute “therapy”. School counselors are a sounding

board and trusted adult available to assist students in working through areas of concern.

School counselors do not provide long-term or intensive counseling services, however I can

assist guardians with identifying how to access community mental-health resources.

Social emotional learning (SEL) supports students in making informed choices about how to

take care of themselves and others. Your support and encouragement is greatly

appreciated. Please keep an eye out for SEL and counseling updates in the Ryan newsletter.

I look forward to a terrific year working with students, teachers, and parents. I hope you

will feel free to contact me if I may be of any assistance to you or your child.

Warmest Regards,

Manele Short, MA LPC

Ryan Elementary School Counselor


PTA Update

Welcome parents of 2022-23 Ryan Rhinos!

The PTA is excited for all the things we have in store this year to continue to support our students and community.

Our PTA board members this year are:

Kristin Mikelson, copresident

Francie Wojcik, copresident

Courtney Shughart, treasurer

Carrie Broadwell-Tkach, secretary

We welcome all family members to join the PTA and get involved in whatever way works best for your family! For more information about joining, check our website at https://www.ryanelementarypta.org/home/get-involved.

If you’re interested in volunteering for PTA events this year, please email the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@ryanelementarypta.org.

And for easy ways to raise funds for Ryan at no additional cost to your family, please visit https://www.ryanelementarypta.org/home/fundraisers/no-cost-fundraisers.

Keep an eye out for more information about the upcoming Fall Fest (September 23) and Rhino Stampede (September 30)! Please feel free to reach out to the board at leadership@ryanelementarypta.org with any questions. We look forward to a great school year!

For those families new to Ryan- WELCOME! Please check out our PTA website at Ryan Elementary STEAM School PTA (ryanelementarypta.org) and our Facebook page Ryan Elementary PTA | Facebook

Request from Art!

Ms. George is looking for donations for upcoming art projects!

  • toilet paper & paper towel rolls
  • small paper jewelry boxes
  • magazines (school appropriate)
  • decorative fabric
  • shoe boxes and lids
  • small trinkets to be used in an assemblage inspired by artist Louise Nelson

(ie. buttons, bead necklace, clean yogurt cups, shells, bolts, wooden beads, thimbles, small toys like a toy car, etc.)

Important Health Reminders

If your child will be absent (illness or non-illness related) PLEASE call 720.561.7002 or submit your child's absence through your BVSD Parent Portal. Please do not relay absences through your child's teacher.

Information on symptoms and if it's ok to return after an illness can be found here: CDPHE How Sick is Too Sick?


We are in the process of assigning chrome books to all students.

5th grade students will be getting a 1:Web device during the first couple weeks of school. This will be their device that they will use through 8th grade. More details to come.

Need Tech Help?

School Schedule

New School Day Hours!!!

  • M/T/TH/F: 7:50-2:50
  • W: 8:50-2:50

Before School:

  • There will NOT be a soft start this year. School will start promptly at 7:50 (8:50 on Wednesdays). Students not in class by 7:50 will be marked tardy and must enter through the front door.
  • Buses will arrive between 7:35-7:45
  • Walkers and car riders can be dropped off from 7:35-7:50 a.m.
  • Students can play on the playground or line up at their designated spot prior to the first bell ringing at 7:45 a.m. Kinder students should go to the fenced in playground prior to school starting. When the bell rings, students will line up at their designated spots. 1st-3rd grade students will line up outside their classroom doors, 4th grade students will line up on the basketball court, and 5th graders will walk to their classroom doors.
  • All students who are dropped off on the side or the front of the school, MUST walk around the front of the school to the playground. There will NOT be supervision around the back of the school.
  • Breakfast will be served from 7:35-7:50 (8:35-8:50 on Wednesdays). Students who would like to eat breakfast MUST arrive before 7:50 a.m. Students will walk in the front doors and go into the cafeteria to eat breakfast.
  • Free childcare will be offered on Late Start Wednesdays. Students attending Wednesday morning childcare must arrive between 7:35-7:50.

School Day Schedule: Classroom teachers will share their specific grade level/classroom schedules. This will include lunch times.

After School: After school pick up will run very similar to the last school year, with a few changes, please read and see the pictures below.

Bus Students/Walkers/Bikers: Will be released from their classroom doors at 2:50. Kinder students will be walked to the bus.

Car Riders
: Will be released from their classrooms at 2:53. For now, kinder students should be picked up at their classrooms. Classroom teachers will walk 1st-5th grade students out to the front/side of the school.(See picture below)

  • 3rd-5th grade students should go get their younger siblings from the front of the building and return with them to the 3rd-5th grade pick up area.
  • Parents/Guardians (or designated pick up adult) will enter the parking lot in a single file line.
  • New this year: Students can be picked up in the areas that are designated below with a purple arrow. 3rd-5th graders (and 1st-2nd graders with an older sibling) can be picked up on the side of the building as designated below. 1st and 2nd graders without an older sibling can only be picked up in the front bus lane.
  • Please keep the line flowing as cars exit the line.
  • If you pick up on the side you can safely exit the line and take a left out of the lot. If you only have a 1st or 2nd grader, please stay in the line until a staff member releases you as there is room in the bus lanes. (See picture below)
  • Please be sure your child's teacher knows your child's after school plan. Students will only be released to adults listed in IC. If your child's after school plan changes, please call the office no later than 2:40.

Reminders: We understand that mornings and afternoons are often a stressful time for families. Please be mindful that our number one priority is to keep over 425 students and their families safe.

  • We ask that you are attentive when you are in the school zone. Please take extra caution to look around when pulling out of a parking spot and stay off of cell phones when in our parking lots.
  • Only cross the street in designated crosswalks.
  • All wheels must be walked until off of school property.
  • Be kind and patient to staff and other Ryan community members.
  • There is no parking in the small parking lot (by the playground) before or after school.
Big picture

Breakfast/Lunch Updates

As a reminder, breakfast and lunch are no longer free for every student, unless your family qualifies for Free/Reduced Lunch. Please visit the BVSD Food Services page for more information on fees, lunch menus, and setting up your child's account.

If you were approved for 2021-22 free & reduced-price meal benefits, they will carry over until 9/28/22. If we do not receive a new application by the end of the grace period, your child(ren)’s benefits will be canceled. Please keep in mind, it can take up to 10 days to process a new application.

Solicitud de Comidas gratis o a precio reducido: Es muy importante completar una solicitud de comidas gratis o a precio reducido para este próximo año escolar. El BVSD se enorgullece de poder continuar ofreciendo comidas gratis a todos los estudiantes, gracias a una exención otorgada por el USDA. Sin embargo, queremos que sepa que las solicitudes de comidas escolares sirven para algo más que comidas gratis.

Si fue aprobado para los beneficios de comidas gratis y a precio reducido de 2021-22, se transferirán hasta el 28/9/22. Si no recibimos una nueva solicitud al final del período de gracia, se cancelarán los beneficios de su(s) hijo(s). Tenga en cuenta: puede tomar hasta 10 días procesar una nueva solicitud.

Opt Into BVSD Text Messages/¡Opta por recibir mensajes de texto del BVSD!

The benefits of BVSD text messages:

  • Receive alerts during a crisis

  • Receive important reminders

Emails can get buried in your inbox; text message alerts make sure you receive timely information from the district.

Text the word "Yes" to 67587 from your phone to opt into text messaging.


Los beneficios incluyen:

  • Recibir alertas durante una crisis

  • Recibir recordatorios importantes

Los correos electrónicos son fáciles de perder en tu bandeja de entrada. Recibir alertas por mensaje de texto garantiza que recibirás información del distrito de manera oportuna.

Textea la palabra "Yes" por mensaje de texto al 67587 para recibir textos del distrito.

New Bullying Reporting Process/Nuevo proceso para reportar intimidación o acoso escolar (bullying)

Last school year the Board of Education updated its policies around bullying, and investigating complaints around bullying (See Policy JDHB / JDHB-E). To make the reporting process as easy as possible for victims of bullying, the district has created a single form to make a bullying report.

Once submitted, the school principal will be notified of your submission and will promptly begin to investigate the complaint. Parents/guardians can then expect to receive a report of this investigation. You can make a bullying report using the form on the Help for Students page which is also linked at the top of our school website. Paper copies will also be available in our/ your school’s front office.

El año pasado el Consejo de Educación actualizó sus políticas sobre el acoso o intimidación escolar y la investigación de reportes de incidentes de intimidación o acoso escolar (refiérase a la Política JDHB / JDHB-E>). Para hacer que el proceso sea lo más fácil posible para las víctimas, el distrito creó un formulario único para reportar incidentes de acoso o intimidación escolar.

Después de completarla, el director de la escuela será notificado del reporte e inmediatamente comenzará una investigación del incidente. Los padres y tutores legales recibirán un informe sobre la investigación. Use el formulario en la página de Ayuda para los estudiantes para completar un reporte sobre un incidente de acoso o intimidación escolar. El documento también está disponible sobre el encabezado de nuestro sitio web.También hay copias impresas en las oficinas principales de las escuelas.

Be sure to finish your Annual Data Update (ADU)/Asegúrese de finalizar su Actualización Anual de Datos (ADU)

If you haven’t done so already, please complete the Annual Data Update (ADU) for the 2022-23 School Year.

By logging into Infinite Campus, you’ll have the opportunity to review the data we currently have for your child and household, update your emergency contacts, and request other changes if needed. This process also allows you to electronically complete and submit the Parent/Student Sign-Off Sheet from the Student Code of Conduct, which is required to complete your student’s registration for next school year. See instructions on our website here

Si aún no lo ha hecho, complete la Actualización Anual de Datos (ADU) para el año escolar 2022-23.

Al iniciar sesión en Infinite Campus, tendrá la oportunidad de revisar los datos que tenemos actualmente para su hijo y su hogar, actualizar sus contactos de emergencia y solicitar otros cambios si es necesario. Este proceso también le permite completar y enviar electrónicamente la hoja de aprobación de padres/estudiantes del Código de Conducta del Estudiante, que se requiere para completar el registro de su estudiante para el próximo año escolar. Vea las instrucciones en nuestra página web, aquí.

RevTrack Changes/Cambios en RevTrak

BVSD has implemented a centralized RevTrak web store (system used to collect fees) for all BVSD schools. Note for current BVSD parents: You will have to create a new login when using the system for the first time. Learn more about the benefits of this change and how to set up your account.

El BVSD ha implementado una tienda web RevTrak centralizada (sistema utilizado para cobrar tarifas) para todas las escuelas del BVSD. Nota para los padres actuales del BVSD: Deberá crear un nuevo inicio de sesión cuando utilice el sistema por primera vez. Obtenga más información sobre los beneficios de este cambio y como configurar su cuenta.

If you have any questions please be sure to reach out!