Save the Water

By: Aliyah Crosby

What is the Issue?

There are over 650 million people who don't have access to clean and safe water. Over 1,400 children die a DAY from water-related diseases. Children have to drop out of school due to the lack of water or have became sick. They often miss out on education and miss chances of making a living. About 315,000 children under 5 die from water-related diseases.

Water is often polluted and unsafe in Africa

Why Water?

Water is important to a person's daily life. People need water to survive and live a healthy life. People use water for everything, from drinking it to using it for toilets. If there was more of it, not as many children would die a day. If it wasn't polluted, children wouldn't become sick along with other side effects. Like, dropping out of school, going long distances for it, stops women from working, and spreading diseases. Water needs to plentiful and less polluted for people to drink it without a chance getting a disease and becoming sick.

Save Water (SW)

SW is an organization to try and help with water scarcity and pollution. We want for everyone to be able to drink water without a chance of becoming sick. Children shouldn't have to drop out of school because of becoming sick or having to take long distances to find it. Everyone should have the luxury of having water everyday to stay hydrated and healthy. Water scarcity and pollution is a big problem but here are solutions to help with it:

  • Use containers and collect water when it rains
  • Connect pipes to water springs to fill tanks up
  • Dig wells

We know these solutions can fix every problem with water in Africa, but it's a start.