a flyer by Tyler Curtis

Cyber-Bullying in its entirety

Cyber-Bullying is where one person is harassing and tormenting someone else based on their looks,attire,sexuality, or just because they want that sense of power over someone

Cyber-Bullying can affect all ages from 12 to 40. Most people who have been bullied on the internet or in real life have self harmed or have thought of self harming.

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Statistics on Cyber-Bullying

statistics show that not only is most bullying done among the female community but it is also done mostly in high-school where kids are at their most self destructive state.
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Where it happens most

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Preventing the bully

Most kids when they are bullied either tell their friends or they don't tell anyone but from experience I can say that telling your parents about it then telling your councilor helps tremendously it's even better when you screenshot the conversation (click the home and power button simultaneously on your phone) or if its online take a picture take a photo using your phone and screenshot it for backup as well. if they are bullying you in school make sure there is witnesses on your side. AND NEVER LET THEM GET TO THE TEACHER BEFORE YOU THEY WILL TRY THEIR HARDEST TO DEFEND THEIR CASE
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If you have bullied someone

If you were the bully please apologize and if you think you don't have anything to worry about....have you been to juvy
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