Trance, Sound & Creativity:


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An immersive investigation into trance states and creativity

Torn Page presents MindMoves, the first performance and collaborative workshop experience from a forum series exploring the intersections between sound, art, and trance states.

Collaborators include hypnotherapists and artists Shauna Cummins, Victoria Moyer and Daniel Ryan.

The evening will begin with a short performance where Victoria will guide Shauna through a live hypnotherapy session as Shauna explores her subconscious realm through movement. Contextualized by imagery of a human brain in the process of transformation and a soundscape by hypnotherapist and musician Daniel Ryan, the piece is a visual, aural, and kinesthetic interpretation of trance and healing, specifically the dramatic neurological and biochemical processes that occur as we spiral into the unconscious, shed what no longer serves us, and forge new pathways.

Following the performance there will be two guided trance meditations.

Victoria will guide a journey in which we'll use sound to slow down our brain waves, delve into our personal wellsprings of subconscious creativity, discover inspiration to move through creative blocks we may experience in daily life, and tap into what Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls the “flow” state.

Daniel will lead a group Past Life Regression exploring the concept of memory and sound followed by questions and discussion. Guests are invited to hang out afterwards, continue the discussions, and enjoy some light beverage refreshments.

$35 at the door, $30 pre-sale online

MindMoves Trance/Sound/Creativity

Saturday, May 9th, 6-8:30pm

435 W 22nd St

New York

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.
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