grrece and rome



Have you ever heard of mythology. I am going to tell you about mythology and greek and roman gods. I will also be comaring the grrek gods and roman gods.

myth and examples of myth

myth is the story about gods and heros that try to explain hown the word works. ex: Percy jackson features many greek gods and myths . Nike godest of sports victory. nike is a sports company.

greek and roman gods

Zeus, king of all the gods.(rome)jupiter, king of the gods.(greek)they are the same they just one rules greek and one rules rome. They also have diffrent names.

grrek and romen gods

Ares, god of war.(rome)Mars, god of war.(greek)They are both the god of war. they have diffrent names. One leads rome and one leads greece.

greek and roman gods

Apollo, God of the sun.(rome)Apollo, GOd of light.(greek)The only diffrence is the greek Apollo is the god of all light. The rome Apollo is only god of the sun.


in conclustion u leard all about myth. you also leard some about greek and roman gods. I hope you leard all about myth and the gods thank u for listening.

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