Sparkling Pride

Leader update

January week 2 Leader check in!

Quick VOLUME check in! By end of day today, here is where you should be to be pacing perfectly on track to hit your GOAL. Remember, if you are ahead of goal....keep that momentum going by KUDOS, excitement and continued BOOKING BLITZES! Now is the time to be building momentum, we have a fab new collection coming to our customers TOMORROW!

Assoc Stylist 880TQV
Sr Stylist 1800TQV
Star Stylist 3500TQV
Assoc Director 7500TQV
Director 17,700TQV

Sparkling Pride is currently at 13,329TQV with 5 qualified legs. We are behind pace for Director. BUT the majority of our trunk shows this month fall at the end of the month so I anticipate more volume will be coming. We will need to work in between on outside orders and booking more trunk shows to hit our volume though!


Who is working towards scoring these fabulous Parker sunnies? Sell 1500PQV by 1/31 and they are YOURS! Pace with your team to do it so you all can be sporting these gorgeous new shades before they launch to customers! Tracker coming soon!

Make sure you download Periscope!

One new thing I am going to try this year is to do a periscope broadcast live from our team meetups! I think this will be a fun way to connect with those who can't make it to our meetups! Be sure to download the app (it's free) and follow me @bethanystylist !! Encourage your team!

Have stylists on your team who have promotion goals?

Make sure they are using one of these handy trackers below!! I use one every month and it helps me to set pace and stay on target!
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Thank you for all you to do lead your teams! XO