Lancer Buzz

What's Up?

Easy and Convenient

Don't forget about the 'Positive Report' tab in Infinite Campus. It is a VERY fast and professional way to send a professional looking email report about something great a student did in school. Of course there are standard check boxes AND there is a text box for you to craft a brief personalized message to the parents. Please use!

Lovely New Copiers

Please use the copiers carefully so they will last. Don't drinks or paperclips or staples on the top of the machine where they can fall into crack and crevices that will gum up the machine. Also, in the warmer weather, please don't leave paper out on the shelf or table. The paper will become sticky and unusable for copying purposes.

School Wide PBIS

Our first drawing will be coming up next Blue Day. We have a few gift card prizes for adults but could always use more. Nothing fancy, but a nice token. Thanks.

School Year Calendar

Kim will be sending out the Master Calendar of all school events or committee meeting dates through email (The last section of the bulletin from years past.) If there are changes she will make them to the calendar and send out again to all so you have the most current schedule.

The Startup

Great job to everyone for getting things up and running this year. Arrival, breakfast, lunch, specials, dismissal. It really was smooth thanks to you all. I want to see this continue; all hands on deck. YOU are making a difference!

Last call...

Please let me or Kelly know if you are interested in being a mentor this year. We have eight volunteers and would love to have YOU! Thanks.