Meals On Wheels Program

By: Kylie

What they do

Meals On Wheels is an organization which donates food to people in need like, children who don't get enough nutrition. Elders who have stretched their budget, and families suffering economic issues. Meals On Wheels also delivers pet food to clients with dogs or cats. Meals On Wheels also gives flu shots, to people who cant get them. They take care of people, who need it most!

"Share the Love"

Subaru has donated $250 dollars to MOW every time a new Subaru has been sold. This event is named "Share the Love". Subaru has even donated to these foundations also, ASPCA, Make-A-Wish, and the National Park Foundation.

Companies with joy

The Fullerton Marriott has provided food with MOW to feed the elderly. This hotel prepares one hot and cold meal five days each week for maybe about 25 people.

The Malibu City Council awarded $4,000 to the MOW program. They provide 70 meals per week to elderly citizens in Malibu and other residents like disabled, and sick citizens.

Ventura's MOW Program, had been facing possible closure due to financial issues. They have received donations, which will enable it to stay open. The program serves hot meals for about 150 home-bound seniors daily.