Ms. Schaum's Class Newsletter

Week of September 19-23, 2016

Nut Free Classroom

We have some learners with severe nut allergies, so our classroom is designated as a nut free zone. Please do not send any food to school that contains nuts. Thank you for helping us keep our classroom safe for all learners!

Curriculum Corner

Reading: We will continue to build good reading habits and our reading stamina. This week we focus on solving tricky and unnown wods.

-Readers use meaning to figure out words

-Readers don't give up - they try, try again!

-Try it two ways

Writing: We will continue to write about a small moment in our lives.

-Making characters think and feel

-Using familiar words to spell new words

Math: We will learn about place value.

-Making groups of ten

-Tens and ones

-Model form (drawing a number based on tens and ones)

-Standard form (writing the number regularly - ex: 26)

Science: We will learn about sorting objects by their properties (size, color, shape, texture).

Social Studies: We will be practicing good listening and speaking skills by presenting our All About Me posters.

Upcoming Dates

September 21: Fall Picture Day

September 26-30: Fall Book Fair in the Library

September 28: Grandparents Day/Breakfast

Classroom Wish List

If you see this and can help out, I would greatly appreciate it!

Post It Notes - the learners will be using a lot of these this year to track their thinking as they read books and document it in their journals!

Expo (dry erase) markers - our tables are whiteboard surfaces and we can use them to write on and solve math problems!

Thank you in advance!