The Most Essential Nutrient ~Angel Johnson/ Hr. 1st

Reasons Why,...

Iron is one of the most essential nutreients because of a couple reasons, the ,main one and maybe most important being its link to the amount of oxygen in our blood. 65-75% of the bodys iron is in hemoglobin and myoglobin in the blood. Witout iron it cannot carry oxygen where its needed in the body. Other reasons are that iron is much needed during growing periods in life and during periods of any blood loss. Without it your immune system is crippled as well.


~65-75% of the bodys iron is used to help carry oxygen thoughout the blood.

~Reacations within the body that produce energy need iron.

~If lacked easy brusing and pale skin can come about.

~Strengthens and maintains immune system

Food Sources


Iron decreases chances of developing anemia, its essential during growth periods in life, and increases energy while heightening the immune system. All of these things are important to daily human life in general. You need your immune system in tact and energy up to get through the day. You want to grow accordingly and well in duration of the young aged and adolecent stages as well.


Increased risks for iron defficiency in adolecents, pregnant women, athletes, and older adults therefor they have increased needs for the nutrient.

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