Where is the line?

Phone Hacking - How far can you go for a good story?

As newspapers and magazine move increasing from print to internet based media publishing, News providers confined to print distributed articles are stooping lower and lower to find an exclusive story that will give the sales boost nessacary to keep their business afloat.

Phone hacking and the blurring of lines containing investigative journalism since the 1990s.

“I do not doubt that if we do not get this right [confidence] will continue to be damaged.”

News of the World

The case in 2011, News of the World showed how vulnerable we truly are to phone hacking and how it can deceive our perceptions of the world. This is where news companies are competing with each other to the point where they breach people’s privacy in order to get information.

How Can You Be Safe?

-Install anti viral software
-Use of various passwords on phone accounts
-Don't program any passwords into your phone
-Always have a back up
-Password protect your voice mail
-Make sure your Bluetooth 'discoverable mode' is disabled

The latest revelations that the details, personal details of a former prime minister, were obtained, the fact that police officers may have been involved in protecting members of the royal family and then selling that information on to journalists – these are all very serious allegations, the most serious allegations, certainly this committee has seen over the last few years.”