Memory Foam

Shelby, Haven, And Makayla

Why did NASA make the memory foam that we use every day in life ?

Chances are you encountered something called temper foam even if you didn't realize it this foam padding .Which absorbs shock while providing comfort and protection . Now widely used almost 50 years after it was developed for NASA.

Temper foam has padded the helmets of race car drivers and Dallas cowboys been used to manufacture comfortable limbs and found its way into shoe insoles so that men and women around the world need not sacrifice style for the comfort yet it was invented in 1966 for use in NASA's air plane seats.

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how we use this product today?

We use this product every day by sleeping on it . We use it by walk on the product . We also not only sleep on this product we also sit on the product. We use it in many ways we can use and make this very handy. This product is very comfortable and has protection.Also it may help some people with the pains they have.
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