Adaptating to Geographical Problems

Cameron and Liam

Air Pollution

Particulate matter and ground-level ozone are two of the most significant pollutants that affect humans. In the past few years, about 40% of the European urban population has been exposed to concentration levels above the EU limit for protecting humans. Also, more than 50% of people living in urban areas were exposed to ozone levels higher than the EU target level. With such bad ozone levels, many residents won’t want to live in the urban areas of Europe.

Water Resources

Water resources are under danger in many parts of the world.Europe increasing focus on the ecosystem-based approach.Good water resource management is required to meet the needs for a efficient future, human, and economic development and maintain the essential functions of our water ecosystems.

Climate change

The temperatures are rising, rainfall patterns are shifting, glaciers and snow are melting, and the global mean sea level is rising.Europe has expect that these changes will continue, and that extreme weather events resulting in hazards such as floods and droughts will become more frequent and intense.
Everyone Can Save The Planet

Essential Question

How do geographical problems affect the economy of Europe.