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Heritage Staff Newsletter - December 5, 2016

Conferring Notes

Thank you for the great conversations and sharing during the faculty meeting on Thursday! Your Exit Tickets confirmed the importance of informed conversations with your students and the necessity of collecting data to drive instructional adjustments, mini lessons, and small group work. Mallory will follow-up with you with additional information and support for workshop instruction during the PLC's this week. Below are some highlights of conferring notes that were brought to the meeting to share last week.
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Hour of Code

Thanks to Mrs. Levy for her hard work to schedule the Hour of Code!!! It is so important that are students are exposed to this important skill. Here is another article from Edutopia about coding "15+ Ways to Teach Students to Code (even without a computer)"

Thanks for your support!

Updates and FYI's

  • Dec. 5th: Spelling Bee
  • Dec. 6th: CEIC Meeting 3:30 Library
  • Dec. 8th: Aristocats production during the day and evening
  • Dec. 9th: PTA Polar Express movie night - Be sure you have grade level representation
  • Dec. 9th: Grades for Progress Reports Due
  • Dec. 8th and 9th: Holiday Shopping - see details below
  • Dec. 10th: Staff Holiday Party 6:00-9:00
  • Dec. 12th: Soft Lockdown Drill 9:00
  • Dec. 14th: Staff Holiday Luncheon Celebration

Upcoming Events to have on your radar:

  • March 24th - 12 hours of EQ time due
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Yearbook Pictures

Hi Everyone!

I have created a place on Google Drive for all of us to upload photos for the 2016-2017 Heritage yearbook. Instead of running around later in the year looking for pictures, each teacher is being asked to submit a minimum of 6 photos (maybe 2 from the fall, 2 from winter, 2 from spring) between now and the publication deadline in February. Just click on the link below and follow the steps:

  2. Click on NEW, then FILE UPLOAD. Choose the photo you’d like to upload.
  3. Once the photo appears in the file, right click and choose RENAME. Give your picture a very specific name in order to help the parent volunteer who will compile the yearbook (teacher’s name, activity, date if applicable, etc.)

You are encouraged to submit photos not just from school-wide events, but special class moments as well. Let me know if you have any questions!

Terri Levy

Library Media Technology Specialist

Heritage Elementary


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Professional Development

  • Dec. 7th: PLC's in Conference Room
  • Dec. 8th and 9th: Kasey Smith on Campus for support
  • Dec. 8th: VIP Meeting
  • Dec. 14th: PLC's
  • Dec. 15th: Amber Richards on Campus
  • Dec. 15th: Dream Teams
  • Jan. 2nd: Campus Professional Development 8:30-3:30 - if you are still needing some Sheltered Instruction hours, you will be able to earn what you need for district compliance on our first day back from the December break.
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Grade Level Collaboration Days

This week we will begin the grade level Collaboration Days. You will be meeting with your team on your designated day in Mallory’s room. Please bring your laptops to access district curriculum documents and your Lucy Calkins materials for reading and writing workshop. (fourth grade also bring your Gretchen Barnabi materials). Please plan on planning your curriculum through Jan. 30th. That will get us to the next collaboration day.

On your collaboration day we will begin with a review of the curriculum and standards and then build the assessments for the third six weeks. After that is complete, we will work on planning by week your Units, Essential Questions, Vocabulary, Lessons, and additional formative assessments/checks for understanding through Jan. 30th. We will have a template in google where you can record your planning. This template will not be your lesson plans, but will serve as a reference for weekly team planning.

We are looking forward to working with you!

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