Tamlyn Boudville

Bachelor of Secondary education

Let me introduce myself

Hello everyone,

my name is Tamlyn Boudville.

I am currently studying a bachelor degree in secondary education at the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle. I am currently in my first year of tertiary study after graduating from Mercy College at the end of last year after 13 years of attendance. My passion academically is within the field of science and as a result of this passion my major teaching unit is biological sciences. My minor teaching unit is mathematics because I find mathematics and science complement each other.

My career goal

My career goal; as a future secondary science teacher is to nurture a class of year 12 students academically so that they can confidently walk into their final exams knowing they will excel.

My extra-curricular activites

Over the years I have participated in a range of extra-curricular activities from sport to music and from this, I have gained a range of skills that will stay with me. However, I am mainly involved in the tutoring this point in time.

  • Tutoring
  • Reading to the year ones
  • Volunteering
  • Inter-school touch rugby
  • School netball
  • Traveling overseas
  • Flute
  • Piano
  • Sailing
  • Archery

As a result of my extra-curricular activities and the skills I have gained, I will be able to benefit a school though being proactive in students’ extra-curricular activities. Meaning I am willing to coach inter-school sport teams in netball and touch rugby to helping out in school clubs or groups. As such I am always willing to help out where ever I can and I am not afraid of raising the bar to a challenge myself in order to help my students and school.

My contact details

Please feel free to contact me.