January Update

Welcome Back!

Happy New Year Huskies!

We hope you enjoyed your winter break and took advantage of your time off to connect with your loved ones. With a new year, comes new beginnings. Let's start this semester strong and create new goals to accomplish. Your school counselors are thrilled to be part of your continued success and provide you with the support and encouragement you deserve.

In This Issue....

  • 2nd Semester Schedule Changes?
  • 2022-23 Registration At A Glance
  • Senior Individual Learning Plans
  • Office Hours
  • College & Career Spotlight
  • Scholarship Information
  • Mental Wellness Resources

Need to make a schedule change?

Courses are a year-long commitment at Centennial High School. There are very few changes second semester. Some balancing will occur and it may involuntarily make adjustments to student schedules. This cannot be avoided and if a student is moved for balancing, the original schedule cannot be recovered. Thank you ahead of time for your understanding.

Appropriate changes may include a senior who requests late start, early release, or to support school operations with school service. With availability, some students may add a credit recovery course as well.

When to see your school counselor:

  • There is a missing class in the schedule
  • There is a wrong class in the schedule
  • The teacher changed, but you have the same class and the same period
  • You have a duplicated course in your schedule

School counselors are often approached for the following, which are prohibited by the school's schedule changing policy:

  • Picking a different teacher for 2nd semester
  • Picking a preferred lunch
  • Schedule matching with friends
  • Picking periods for particular classes
  • Switching out of a year-long course

If you wish to discuss any possible changes to your schedule, then please come at lunch to see your school counselor within the first week of school.

Let the start of the second semester commence!

2022-23 Registration At A Glance

Beginning the week of January 18th, all Centennial students will be provided with registration presentations that cover high school graduation requirements, post-high school planning, and course selection information, informing them of the courses offered during the following school year. Students will then have two weeks, January 21st through February 4th, to input courses that they desire to take for the following school year. School counselors will fill in courses that they wish for a student to take for any student who does not complete their course request by February 4th. Therefore, if the student does not want his/her/their counselor selecting the courses for him/her/them, then we encourage students to sit with parents and select the courses with the window provided. Over the course of 3rd quarter, every student will have the opportunity to meet with his/her/their school counselor in order to review their course selection, discuss their goals for life after high school, and have one-on-one time to ask questions.
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Senior Individual Learning Plan (ILP) Meetings

The Centennial High School counseling team values the individual time that we spend with our students. Beginning the week of January 25th, every senior will have the opportunity to meet with his/her/their school counselor. During this meeting, the following will be covered:

  • A review of graduation status and what must be completed to graduate
  • The completion of the Senior ILP letter that will be signed and mailed home to parents
  • A discussion about life after high school
  • Support that can be offered by the school counselor to complete any tasks in preparation for post-secondary goals

School counselors value being a critical support as seniors prepare for their final semester in high school.

Office Hours Workshops

Every Tuesday and Thursday during office hours, your school counselors and Ms. Villlalobos will be hosting a variety of workshops. We invite you to attend and receive the support that you need.
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College and Career Spotlight

Every month, your school counselors will highlight a college and/or career. If you would like more information regarding the month's "spotlight", make sure to reach out to your counselor or Ms. Villalobos, our College and Career Specialist. For more information, click on the picture to access the College & Career Center Smore.
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Local Scholarship Packet for Class of 2022

Want free money? The local scholarship program provides financial incentives to help ease the financial costs of post-secondary endeavors. Awards range from $50 to $1,000+ and can provide tuition, lab fees, book fees, or other basic expenses for students beginning their post high school educational journey. For more information, click on the picture.

Announcing Big Future Scholarships for the Class of 2023

Beginning December 6, 2021, all juniors in the U.S. and U.S. territories in the Class of 2023 can earn chances at $500 and $40,000 scholarships by taking steps on BigFuture to plan and pay for college. BigFuture Scholarships will award more than $3 million to more than 4,000 students in the Class of 2023. At least half of the scholarships – more than $1.5 million – will be awarded to students whose families earn less than $60,000 per year. Start planning for your future today!

For student mental health resources, click on the picture:

Your school counselors value being part of the school based mental health professionals team, which encompasses your school counselors, school psychologist, and school nurse.

To visit our CNUSD Virtual Calming Room, please click on the picture:

This has a wealth of resources for students, parents, and families alike!

Centennial School Counseling Department Vision Statement

Centennial High School graduates are assertive, global citizens who accept challenges, embrace diversity, overcome obstacles, and work toward leaving a lasting legacy for the next generation. They reach their full potential in their communities as life-long learners who eagerly pursue knowledge and continually develop their skills. Our students meet the demands of the 21st-century workforce through problem-solving, collaboration, and effective communication.

Centennial School Counseling Mission Statement

As Centennial High School Counselors, our students are the highest priority. Our team is dedicated to providing a comprehensive, data-driven school counseling program that meets the academic, social-emotional, and post-secondary needs of all students. While working with stakeholders, we continually improve our direct and indirect services to ensure they are responsive to student needs, encourage academic success, and support the personal growth and well-being of all students. It is our duty to treat every student equitably with respect and dignity, regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, or educational needs. We advocate for student access to promote success for all students. We guide our students to develop the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century while empowering them to pursue their college and career aspirations.

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