Edgar Allan Poe

Lawson Frey

Who was Edgar Allan Poe?

  • Edgar Allan Poe was an author/poet of horror and mystery.
  • He lived in Victorian Era America.
  • He wrote many popular poems and stories.
  • His most famous work was a poem.

What was his childhood like?

  • His childhood was filled with sadness and poverty.
  • His family was poor and struggled to feed their kids.
  • His father was a drunk and he left the family.
  • Edgar's mother died when he was 2.
  • He was adopted by John and Frances Allan.

How big a part of his life was filled with sickness and death?

  • Death and sickness was a large part of his life.
  • His mother and both of his wives died of tuberculosis.
  • He however didn't get infected and had to watch them suffer and die.

When did he publish his first work?

  • His first book was published in 1827.
  • The book was called "Tamerlane and other poems".
  • He published it around the time he joined the army.

What was his most signifigant work?

  • His most famous work was a poem.
  • The poem was called "The Raven".
  • It was about death and loss and darkness.
  • He wrote it after his wife died.

What themes from his life are evident in his stories?

  • He included many of his life experiences in his stories and poems.
  • Almost all of his stories and poems included some form of death or darkness or sickness.
  • He had many experiences with death because of his family dying.

Why was his death such a mysery?

  • He did multiple strange things in his last few days.
  • He was found in clothes that weren't his.
  • He was in great distress for reasons unknown.
  • He was later taken to a hospital and died mysteriously.

What was his impact on the world?

  • Edgar Allan Poe's impact was large.
  • He set the standard for horror and mystery stories.
  • He scared and frightened people for decades with his works.

What genre do his works fall in?

  • Poe's stories and poems all follow the same genre.
  • They were mainly based off of mystery and horror.
  • He knew how to fill the reader with suspense and fear.
I think he wrote the type of stories he did because his life was filled with death and sickness. He had plenty experience with sadness, so he had no stories about life and happiness.

Poe was a well known author and showed how all mystery and horror stories should be written.