Evaluation 3

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Getting Started

Audience feedback started in the research stages. I had done market research to gain knowledge of my audience. However in order to gain more accurate knowledge of what my target audience wanted; I had to go to the source.

Voki was an useful tool to document some of my target research. As I was able to create a character that resembled the person giving the feedback. Allowing me to remember who said what and how someone of their 'characteristics' would react to my product.

Recording target audience feedback made it easier to recall changes that need to be made. As I could listen back to the feedback whilst editing my production tasks.


A range of different sites was used to collect audience feedback, with some listed above. What also came in handy during the earlier stages was excel. Creating graphs was an easy way to see what needed to be added to the production and which things our target audience didn't like.
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Feeback also helped us come up with ideas that I may not of thought of. This helped contribute to my production as it created different ideas that I hadnt explored before.

Purple came up a lot, the colour that we picked was a bluey/green however with the audience we were targeting and the way the artist was constructed a different colour had to be chosen as the house style. Purple came up a lot and was not too girly, as the artist that was created has a slight edge to her.

Through collecting images of what my audience thinks about when they hear the song and see the ideas collect. I was able to alter my videos ideas into something that resembles the song more through the target audiences eyes.

Negative Feeback ?!!

All feedback was benefically, constructive feedback was the most useful to our product as the product that was being created, eventhough it was based on teh target audience; was my likes and dislikes.

Therefore hearing changes that the target audience wanted, helped when editing as I was able to make changes based on what the target audience wanted and not what I thought they liked.

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Getting constant research whether documented or not allowed me to make constant changes that I had kept up to date on my blog.

Allowing the changes to be shown throughout the blog as the ideas changed. It also shows that I had taken those changes into account

Getting into the Feedback

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Target Audience ??

The main target audience is females, however it was good to get a male points of view with our plans. As the group I was in was made up of females, we wanted to make sure that it wasn't too girly. Our genre was 'POP', but we wanted to make it approachable to all genders. By having a male's point of view we were able to get another idea of what could to done to further improve the final product.

For example Kyle pointed out that we should add the CD (digipak front cover), to the website because it is important to advertise what we are 'selling'. Which is the music, whereas all the website represented so far was Laura's life and merchandise.

Also what was learnt was that the colours we use werent too girly, however in the end the house colour was changed from a bluey/green to a purple because it felt to masculine and didn't represent/reflect the artist as we wanted to.

As the target audience affected the production it also affected the planning.

Kyle had also mentioned that we needed to use a variety of shots, this affected our planning as we had to plan different shots, what the artist is wearing and how she is represented instead of using the same set up in a range of shots. This helped add varity that was much needed to the website.

In terms of digipak the set up was kept pretty similar the only thing that changed was the lcoation and how the picture was edited.

Overall Decisions ?!!

Digipak Feedback +

Why Feedback was so IMPORTANT !??!!!

Feedback helped to make overall decisions, when toying between different pictures that could be used for the Digipak it was helpful to get a second opinion. Using the example above he told me what picture he preferred and why, even though he is not our main target audience the fact that he could grasp our theme was encouraging. Furthermore it made me realise that in terms of the music video I focus a lot on effects and different edits, and that theme had continued to the Digipak. In terms of me playing around with different edits and themes on an image.

As you can see from my blog I had also asked people who were my target audience and they came back with similar ideas.

Feedback also helped me to identify themes in my work that I had noticed, in terms of the Digipak the outside colours and more bright and 'POP', whereas the inside colours and more muted, this was not done initially. Upon getting my feedback and now noticing the them it affected my colour choose as well as my imagine choices.