Sandwich CUSD #430

Return to Learn Series: Part 1

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Dear Sandwich CUSD #430 Families,

This is the first of a series of district correspondence we would like to send to our families as you prepare for a return to school. While not all of our students will be attending in person, we wanted to present information in order to navigate frequently asked questions regarding our procedures and protocols, blended and remote learning plans and descriptions, as well as painting a picture of what a day at school or at home remote learning will look like.

Our first of the series involves recommendations for preparing for a return to school. Below you will find a list of those recommendations along with videos that students and or parents/guardians can view to teach and practice proper hand washing and mask wearing. These are the same videos that will be used for our students and staff. While these procedures will still be taught at school, extra practice in advance, especially for our youngest students, will help maximize our time for in-person learning and minimize time teaching and reinforcing these procedures. We hope that these resources will help aide you in preparing your students.

In the week or so ahead, please anticipate correspondence from individual schools regarding back to school procedures for each building. While we are all adhering to the same guidelines, which you can access below, the structure and space at each school is a little bit different and communication will be important in helping to better understand specifics such as arrival and dismissal, navigating the building, lunch, and other procedures throughout the school day.

Thank you for your help in supporting this great effort and partnering with us to provide the safest environment possible for all of our students and staff. We hope that with each communication we can help guide and support you as we make this transition together.

10 Recommendations for Preparing to Return to School

1. Practice Hand Hygiene: Encourage washing often throughout the day, especially after using the restroom, and before and after eating. Make sure they wash for at least 20 seconds and are able to wash the front and back of hands, between fingers, and under nails.

2. Practice Putting Mask On and Taking it Off: Teach them to not touch the inside of their mask when taking it off and to wash their hands before and after putting on or taking off their mask.

3. Extra Masks: Have extra masks on hand. Masks need to be washed between use.

4. Practice Social Distancing: Help them learn to stay a distance of 6 feet from others. Using objects on the floor may be helpful when learning how to social distance.

5. Practice temperature taking: Parents/Guardians will be required to certify that their child(ren) are fever free (Temperature < 100.4) daily.

6. Update Health Information: School medication authorization forms, care plans, immunizations, physicals, vision, dental. Please refer to district website for grade level requirements.

7. Asthma Medication: Chambers are strongly encouraged to be used with inhalers. No nebulizer treatments will be allowed at school. Speak with your child’s healthcare provider to obtain the proper equipment and update their Asthma Action Plan.

8. Water Bottles: Students will be encouraged to bring a filled water bottle daily. Water fountains will only be used to refill water bottles.

9. Verify/Update Emergency Contacts: If your child becomes ill during the school day, they will need to be picked up immediately. Please ensure a contact can be reached at any time.

10. Stay informed: Contact your healthcare provider or local county health department with any questions.

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