An Interview with Coach Wolf

By: Janayja Jones

Going way back!

My interview with Coach Wolf was a great experience. Coach Wolf is a laid-back teacher who truly cares about her students. This is her ninth year teaching, but you'll soon find out that she hasn't always wanted to be a teacher.

Coach Wolf graduated from Elgin High School in 2001. In high school she played volleyball, basketball, and softball. She went to Fresno State University and majored in criminology, she wanted to work with crime victims.

In 2006 she graduated college and got her bachelors degree. She wanted to be a teacher simply because she wanted be a coach. She started teaching and coaching career started in 2006 at Bastrop ISD where she was the Assistant Volleyball and Head Softball Coach. Coach Wolf returned to Elgin High School in 2007. She now teaches Food Science and is a Cross Country and Softball Coach.

If you wanted to know...

  • This year she is teaching food science
  • In the classroom, she tells students what to & they just get to it.
  • Students work in groups.
  • She works 42 hours a week.
  • The biggest challenge for her as a teacher is keeping kids focused on their work, rather than being on social media.
  • The biggest award she gets from teaching is seeing kids graduate and be successful.
  • She said that you need a lot of self motivation for the job, especially when kids are rude to you.

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