Tulsa County Murder

-Teenager Bob Dingman, 17 years old-

News Report - Bob Dingman

Teenager Bob Dingman, 17 years old, stabbed to death in local park.

Suspects Johnny Culich and PonyBoy Dane were witnessed fleeing the scene.

Police officials still have not found where the two boys are but they have their suspicions.

Witnesses have reported that the two boys were last seen stowing away on a train.

Whether they're still on the train or they hopped off, we have no idea.
Officials traced the boy's footprints from the crime scene for about 2 miles then there were no longer anymore along the path. Central Park was closed for about 9 years after a shooting occurred and was never opened.

Further Story

News Report - Story behind stabbing

After reviewing camera footage from the gas station across the street, we've seen that Johnny and PonyBoy were inside the abandoned park when Bob Dingman and a few of his buddies pulled up in a Blue Mustang. A few minutes later, Bob grabbed PonyBoy and stuck him in the fountain. While PonyBoy was gasping for air, trying to get out of the pond, Johnny took matters into his own hands and pulled out a switchblade from his navy green back left pocket and stabbed Bob in his abdomen which made him let go of PonyBoy.


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