The 1975

Astrid Cota

A Night in LA

On a cool Thursday night in November, I went to go see a concert with my friends. The band was called The 1975. It was at The Palladium in Los Angeles. It was a school day, so we had to wait until we got out of school to leave to LA. The concert was general admission, which means there were no seats or sections; so we had to wait in a long line outside. There was so many people, and some celebrities, i even saw some of old friends. We were in line for almost two hours.

General Admission

We stood for another 40 minutes once we got inside, and our excitement started to withdraw. Then finally the lights went off and colored lights appeared, but it was only the opening band. After another 30 minutes the same thing and i started to get really excited and impatient, but it was just another opening band. I didn't enjoy their music so much because they were trying to hard to seem original, but they were very essential. It started to get really hot from the bright white lights and i was being shoved by broad people.
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The lights slowly dimmed and once the they went completely off, the music started and the crowd went wild. They played so well live. I had so much fun and was so lucky to be able to experience it with my best friends. I felt so alive and content, it was definitely a night to remember.
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