Food Stamp Scam

A Moment To Remember

Have you ever lost something that meant the world to you? It was approximately ten years ago, in my hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I was in kindergarten at the time. Hawthorne Elementary was the school I was attending. I was in class getting prepared for our school-wide fieldtrip to the zoo. My sister and brother were in their class doing the same thing. My mom was out grocery shopping and my step-dad was at work. This is my story about the worst time in my life. The time I was taking from my mom.

My feelings were roaming through my mind. I didn’t know if I should cry, be angry, or not show any emotions at all. I could tell that my other siblings were scared too. Tears were rolling down there faces, as for mines. My mom was the one hurt the most. I couldn’t tell whether she was angry, sad, hurt, or disappointed. Her emotions collaborated all over her face. The authorities were also there. They faces were so plain, as if they didn’t care. They looked as if they wanted us to suffer under someones else parenting.

My grandmother use to make visits to our school every week to ask us question about what was happening in our household. She would bribe us with food and junk. When it first started to happen I was going along with it. Every child loves candy and food. I started feeling guilty for something, so I went home and told my mom what was going on. She talked to all of us and told us that we need to stop telling her irrelevant. “What happens in this house stays in this house.” A quote that mom my use to say to me when I was younger. I still relate to it till this day. My granny still tried to bribe us to talk to her but we didn’t. Well everyone but my older brother William. Will was basically raised by our granny so he was a granny’s boy. Even though our mom told us to stop talking to her, he did not.
A few days after me talking to my mom, child protective services, came to my school and requested for my siblings and I to be pulled from class. We all gathered in the hallway and went to the office. We always stayed together. We were in the office and a lady named Betty Summerworth was standing there waiting on us. She introduced herself to us and we did the same. She explained who she was why she was there. At that moment I was getting teary eyed. I knew nothing good was coming out of that. She guided us to her car and buckled us in. We where on our way home she stated. When we reached home we all ran in the house simultaneously. My mom knew something was wrong and went to the door. Ms. Summerworth was walking towards the house .
More authorities came time after time. They were having long conversations in the kitchen. I tried to listen but I couldn't hear. Hours passed and the police had came in the living room. He referenced us to get up and walk to the door. My mom walked out the house in hand cuffs. I immediately ran to her and hugged her. I cried in her arms and my brother and sisters came next. That's the moment when I knew I was officially alone in this world without anyone to be a efficient role model to me. That was the moment when I knew that blood was really thicker than water.