Simple Machines

Traci Cook

What are simple machines?

Simple Machines are any uncomplicated mechanical machine.

Types of Simple Machines


  • A lever is a bar that rotates around a fixed point.
  • A lever has three classes to them.

Ex: Look on the playground. You will notice that the seesaws look alot like the pictures in class 1 - 3.

Wheel and Axel

A wheel and Axel are two cyclinders ( one large & one small) joined together. You see many wheel and Axels everyday, especially if you live in large towns such as Newy York or someplace closer like Birmingham, Alabama. That example is a car. If you look at the wheels you will notice that it has a Axel and it continues to roll.
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A wedge is a slanted obeject used to split things. A wedge is also two inclineded planes.

Ex: When you use scissors to cut, you are also using a wedge. The legs of the scissors are wedges.


A pulley uses a wheel with a rope make work easier by moving a heavy load from one place to another.

Ex: Everymorning students from the 7th grade raise the flag. They are using pulleys to get the flage up their.


The screw is a simple machine that keeps things in place when put to work. It has a spiral wrapped around it so that it may go round.

Ex: When you want to change your light bulb you are using a simple machine. It is called Screw.

Inclinded Plane

The incline plane was used back in the mayan days. They pushed heavy items up or down a hill. You have to get from point A to point B.
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