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Summer Edition is very close!

Teens from all over the world join in July in Israel for a Entrepreneur hands-on experience, and to get a close look of the Startup Nation. Get ready to be one of them. For teens 12-18, 2 weeks sessions with cutting edge tech activities, wonderful staff in the best location.





Join one of these 4 and join these subjects during the first week of camp!

Meet our Camp Director - Andy from Buenos Aires

Andy Moguilevsky, Electronic Arts student and technological advisor of several firms and projects. He joined Kimama to create a high-end summer experience for teenagers.

Andy is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and during the year he takes part of different technology related educational programs, for kids, teens and adults, while running his IT venture. He has built summer camps for more than 7 years, and has been working in education for more than 10. He even worked at Disney World!

The Hub Teen Accelerator - Official trailer

We are The Hub Teen Accelerator

At The Hub we give young entrepreneurs, designers, marketers and programmers between the ages 12-18 an opportunity to experience the start-up ecosystem and the real dynamics and needs in order to format a successful startup.