Hieronymus Bosch

Netherlands Renaissance Artist

The life: 1450's-1516

No one knows the exact date or year Hieronymus Bosch was born. People have guessed that he was born around 1450-1453. He was born in the North Brabant, which was found in Hertogen, Netherlands. Which is also where he spent most of his life. Hieronymus Bosch’s training was obtained trained, and his parents would make him paint. When he would paint, Hieronymus would paint spiritual aspects in his paintings, and would do other paintings that would reflect war. He only did paintings. Some of his most famous work is “Garden of Earthly Delights” and a painting of Jesus carrying the cross, which never got named. When he was younger, his parents were his patrons, but when he got older, he supplied everything on his own. On April 9, 1516, he passed away

His work was celebrating other people lives, and he was very humanism painter. The last painting he did was a painting of Jesus Christ carrying the cross. Hieronymus Bosch tried to be secularism into his drawings and paintings.

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Garden of Earthly Delights

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