Breaking news : ALL ABOUT CLONING!

Why Clone

What is cloning???

cloning is the copy of your genetic material. Genetic material or DNA is what makes you look like you. The biggest accomplishment in cloning history was when dolly the sheep was the first mammal to be cloned.

About us!!!

Our names are Anisa Mitchell, Bailey Diamond, Dotsie Jones, and Lucy Eagleson. We are in Ms. Anderson's 5th grade class. Our group has worked very hard to make this project. We have been researching all about cloning to understand it for exhibition. If you still have questions please contact Ms.Anderson

Fun facts about cloning!!!

People think cloning is an exact copy of something, but it's not. Since people act different every day, It will change what they do. The technology for cloning doesn't work all the time. Cloning can be very good too. If people lose organs or limbs, they can get them back by cloning the organ or limb before they lose it. Scientist are also trying to bring back extinct or endangered animals.