My Smore Flyer

John Locke

All people are free, equal, and have natural rights and are born with these natural rights of life, liberty, and property that rulers can not take away. The government shall protect these natural rights with a social contract with the people. If this government does not protect these natural rights the people under it are given the right to overthrow it. The government only has so much power that the people have consented to give it.

Thomas Paine

All of man was born in equality. The idea of having a king is an unnatural idea and the subject is an abomination to nature. It doesn't make sense that only one bloodline will rule an entire nation. If we are all equal then we all have equal power to rule as long as you have common sense. The Americas gain no benefited in being controlled by Britain when they are a sea away. It only makes sense that they become independent so they don't have to be in the conflicts that Britain can be put in.