Disney's Dark Side

Disney Has a Dark Side?

The Dark Side of Disney

Walt Disney where all your dreams come true right? Yes, but not for all kids. In 2004 the Hong Kong Christian Industries Committee (CIC) investigated 12 factories in Guangdong South China. There was many violations found. 6 were toy factories, 2 garments, 3 accessories, and 1 watch factory. The CIC interviewed 5-15 works that were mostly young, female, and migrant workers from rural areas. There are some as young as 8 and as old as 24. These kids only make 28 cents an hour.

The Story of a Working 9 Year Old

On hot summer August day in Haiti an Under Cover reporter interviewed a 9 year old girl named Meem. She works in a small place about the size of half a basketball court. In the small windowless room there is now fire extinguisher and only one exit, the front door. There is about 2 dozen sewing mechanics lined about against the wall. Meem sits crossed legged on the hard floor sewing cuffs and collars on t-shirts. Meem and a lot of other workers only get paid about 25$ a month. There was three felling fans covered in layers of dirt. For the toilet, it's just about a hole in the ground in a rat invested hall way. They work from 9am-9pm and with just a lunch break.

China Workers

In China, children are forced to work for as long as 13 hours a day making books. The get paid as much as 41 cents an hour and is commen to get ripped off on overtime money. Some workers get private dorms sleeping on double bunk beds. The get fed very bad food too.

Child Labor is Coming to an End

I have a plan to write a letter to Disney factories letting them know that every kids dreams need to come true! If they really want us to keep buying their products then they will make a change.
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This is a young 13 year old girl. She works in the factory as Meem.
Disney Sweatshops Final Video


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