31 Blooms Newsletter

April 2014

April here we go...

It may be hard to believe, but April is half way over! Summer is just around the corner and it is time to get those parties booked, as well as some summer vacation!

The summer catalog is just around the corner, but don't forget about April! To be honest, we have been working really hard as a team. I love seeing so much consistency with our sales! This is my last month to earn my trip for leadership...we need almost $11,000 in orders :) How close do you think we will get?

Our March STATS!

Total Team Sales: $10070.50

Total Parties: 17

$1000 +

Davida.... $1779.50


$500 +

Kristin... $522


Your Directors Stats!

Total Sales: $5032

Total Parties: 7

Total Recruits: 1

Paid as a consultant: $1258

Paid as a director: $ 302

Total Commission: $1560

Look at all these Incentive Earners!