LVMS Weekly Newsletter

Week of March 6th, 2017

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Upcoming Events

Friday, March 10th

Track and Field Meet at Lago Vista HS

March 13th - 17th

Spring Break!!!!!

Tuesday March 28th

STAAR Testing

Grade 7 - Writing

Grade 8 - Math

Wednesday March 29th

STAAR Testing

Grade 8 Reading

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TMSCA Competition

This past Saturday, February 25th, a few LVMS students traveled to San Antonio in an effort to qualify for State in Number Sense, Mathematics, Calculator, and/or Science. (Some students qualified last week in events, so they did not compete in those events again).

The following students qualified this week:


Saydie Kassell--6th grade

Katelyn Coldicott--8th grade


Leah Coldicott--8th grade

LVMS currently has 6 students qualified to compete in the TMSCA State Meet in April. The entire TMSCA team will be traveling in one last attempt this Saturday to the TMSCA Regional Qualifier Meet.


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Attendance this week...

Our goal is 98% attendance and our attendance was 94% this week.

Remember: Students must be in attendance at least 90% of the days the class is taught in order to receive credit or a final grade in a class. We appreciate our parents' efforts in helping us minimize student absences and prepare our students for their futures!

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Interim Principal Update: A Note From Mr. Tucker

I am writing you today to share some thoughts regarding parenting. As a parent, and now, a very happy grandfather, I often ponder the journey of the last forty plus years. My first quandary is how has that much time elapsed. It is important to savor the years that your children are with you. It passes all too soon. For me, those years have been a blessing, and yet, have not always been easy. I have felt that I may have lost my way. Maybe you have had similar feelings. That concern became more evident as my children transitioned into the teenage years, the very time that you are facing.

Just know that parenting is the most important, and challenging mission that you will ever undertake. Losing our way can happen because we may not have a clear picture of what we are seeking as an end result. The picture can be clouded by our hectic lives. As children come along, hectic would not begin to describe the flurry of activity and decisions that must be made. Because of that, we may not always make the right decision. It is important to not judge yourself too harshly. You and I are doing the best we can, building the airplane while in flight. As you have discovered, our children do not come with instructions. How many times have I wished that they did. So, forgive yourself if you feel that you lost your way or did not make the best decision.

I have found that having a place of refuge, a safe haven, has made the journey more manageable. That place or person can take many forms. For me, it has been my wife of forty-four years, regardless of where we lived. She has been able to provide support, or correction when needed. I hope that she believes that I have provided that same safety net for her.

I would close by sharing that you need to be bolstered by the knowledge that it will all be alright. Your efforts will pay off and your children will find their way because of the support that you have provided. Mine are grown, married, successful, and have provided me with grandchildren. When you face difficult times, seek your place of refuge, whatever or whomever that is. Refocus your efforts and keep moving forward.

Together we will make sure that that our kids find their way. Contact me if I can help you in any way.

Best wishes, ct

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Middle School Tennis tryouts

7th grade girls will have tryouts on Monday and Tuesday March 6th and 7th from 7:00 – 8:00 am. Please arrive at the school at 6:45 and come into the gym.

The 7th grade boys will meet on Wednesday and Thursday March 8th and 9th from 7:00 – 8:00 am. Please arrive at the school at 6:45 and come into the gym.

Both 8th grade boys and girls will meet after school on Monday March 6th and Wednesday March 8th from 4:15 - 5:15. Please come into the gym following school.

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Track practice - Reminder

7th Grade - Monday and Wednesday until 5:30 AT THE High School

8th Grade - Tuesday and Thursday until 5:30 AT THE High School

Some athletes, like distance runners and those in relays, may be asked to attend more than 2 days of practice.

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Track Meet Results from Blanco

Blanco Track Meet 2-24-17

Our track teams traveled to Blanco on Friday and competed against 6 other schools. We had an impressive showing for our first track. Below you will find the highlights of the meet for the 8th and 7th grade girls’ track teams.

The 8th grade girls finished 2nd place out of 6 schools with a total of 155 points. We were only 3 points behind 1st place Wimberley who is a 4A school.

Long Jump – Heather Power – 4th place

Triple Jump – Jade Press – 2nd & Emily Pieklik – 3rd place

Shot Put – Haylee Horn – 4th place

Discus – Taylor Koett – 4th place

High Jump – Grace Coldicott – 1st place, Jade Press – 2nd place &

Heather Power – 4th place

Pole Vault – Esther Long – 1st place, Rileigh Oliver – 2nd place &

Emma Eagle – 3rd place

2400M run – Esther Long – 2nd place, Leah Coldicott – 4th place &

Cassie McKinney – 5th place

4x100 relay – Heather Power, Emily Pieklik, TC Cagle, Jade Press – 3rd place

800 Run – Skylar Stefka – 4th place

100M dash – Haylee Horn – 5th place

4x200 relay – Heather Power, Jade Press, Grace Coldicott, Haylee Horn – 4th place

400M dash – Emily Pieklik – 4th place & Emma Eagle – 6th place

300M hurdles – TC Cagle – 6th place

200M dash – Grace Coldicott – 2nd place & Heather Power – 4th place

1600M run – Esther Long – 1st place

4x400 relay – Emily Pieklik, Emma Eagle, Skylar Stefka, Grace Coldicott – 2nd place

The 7th grade girls also had a great meet. They finished 3rd with 127.75 points behind San Antonio Cole and Wimberley. Here are the highlights from our 7th grade girls.

Long Jump – Taylor Nuckolls – 3rd place & Emma Vincent – 4th place

High Jump – Brooke Bradberry – 4th place & Avery Rague – 5th place

Triple Jump – Taylor Nuckolls – 2nd place

Shot Put – Cheyene LeBlanc – 1st place

Bella Zaleski – 2nd place

2400M run – Phoebe Gale – 2nd place

Delaney Reighley – 6th place

4x100 relay – Brooke Bradberry, Taylor Nuckolls, Sarah Long, Emma Vincent – 1st place

100M Hurdles – Brooke Bradberry – 5th place

Bella Zaleski – 6th place

4x200 relay – Brooke Bradberry, Taylor Nuckolls, Sarah Long, Emma Vincent - 2nd place

300M hurdles – Lola Spedale – 6th place

200M dash – Taylor Nuckolls – 1st place

1600M run – Phoebe Gale – 3rd place

4x400 relay – Emily Moxley, Sarah Long, Brooke Kercheville, Emma Vincent – 1st place

The 7th grade boys also performed well as they finished 3rd behind Wmberley & SA Cole.

100m Dash: Logan Parsons - 1st & Hayden Chapman - 3rd

200M Dash: Logan Parsons - 1st, Scott Shepard - 2nd & Gavin Hester - 4th

400M Dash: Austin Giehl – 2nd

800M Run: Gavin Hester – 3rd

110M HH: Ryder Phillips – 2nd

300M H: Ryder Phillips – 6th

4x100M Relay: Hayden Pham, Jaden Hester, Jimmy Williams & Logan Parsons – 3rd

4x200M Relay: H. Pham, H. Chapman, J. Hester & S. Shepard – 4th

4x400M Relay: S. Shepard, H. Chapman, J. Hester & A. Giehl – 2nd

Long Jump: L. Parsons – 2nd

Shot Put: Diego D’Lorm – 3rd

Discus: D. D’Lorm – 6th

Pole Vault: R. Phillips – 2nd

Our 8th grade boys capped the night with a 3rd place team finish. They were 6 pts. behind District competition Comfort.

100M Dash: Layne Powers – 1st

200M Dash: L. Powers –

400M Dash: David Rague – 3rd

800M Run: D. Rague – 1st

1600M Run: Lucas Lawless – 3rd & Reese Whitelaw – 5th

2400M Run: L. Lawless – 2nd & R. Whitelaw – 5th

110M HH: Alex Holt – tied 2nd

300M H: A. Holt – 4th & Rhett Kahlden – 5th

4x100M Relay: Adrian Hernandez, Noah Yetley,

Noah Hernandez & Layne Powers – 2nd

4x200M Relay: A. Hernandez, N. Yetley, Bryce Erickson & N. Hernandez – 2nd

4x400M Relay: N. Yetley, A. Hernandez, N. Hernandez & D. Rague – 3rd

Long Jump: L. Powers – 3rd

Shot Put: Josh Alexander – 2nd & B. Erickson – tied 3rd

Discus: J. Alexander – 4th & Aaron Martinez – 6th

Triple Jump: N. Yetley – 5th

High Jump: Hunter Phillips – 1st

Pole Vault: A. Hernandez – tied 3rd & H. Phillips tied 6th

The next track & field meet is at the Burnet BullPup Relays on Friday, March 3rd, 2017 at 3:30PM.

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PTO Luncheon

Thank you to all our wonderful parents that provided us with a 'Super Bowl Fixin's' luncheon on Friday, February 27th. It was delicious and much appreciated. Thank you also to Mary Wolff for getting everything organized.
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Special Olympics

Our Special Olympics Athletes and Unified Partners competed in the Area Basketball tournament in San Marcos this past weekend. Here are the results:

Unified Sports Team--SILVER

  • Johnny Williams
  • Rafael Chavez
  • Caitlin Ross (Unified Partner)
  • Coleton Hull (Unified Partner)
  • Lucas Reed (Unified Partner)

Individual Skills:

  • Landin Campbell--BRONZE
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Order Your LVMS Yearbook Online Today!

The LVMS Yearbook is now on sale for $45.00. The staff has been working to bring Lago Vista Middle School a wonderful yearbook and you don't want to miss out. Click below to buy your yearbook online:

Enter Code: 18995

The deadline to order your 2016-2017 LVMS Yearbook is April 15th, so order yours today!

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MANDATORY Cheerleading Tryout Timeline

Planning on trying out for LVHS or LVMS Cheerleading? Don’t miss the upcoming tryout meetings and deadlines!

LVMS Cheer (optional) Open Gym

Monday, March 6th

6:00 - 7:30 pm

MS Upper Gym

LVMS Cheer Tryouts

Wednesday, March 8th

6:30 - 8:00 pm

MS Upper Gym

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Future LVMS Benchmark Testing Dates

District benchmarks are given in the second semester to analyze students' mastery of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. This information helps us identify strengths and needs for each of our students to help them finish strong and be prepared for the next academic year.

Here are the upcoming LVMS benchmark testing dates:

April 3 – 6th grade Reading, 7th grade Reading, & 8th grade Science

April 4 – 6th grade Math & 8th grade Social Studies

April 5 – Algebra 1 (Full benchmark) & Make-ups

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Helping Your Child Plan for Post-Secondary School:

College planning begins in elementary and middle school. From an early age, parents should encourage their children to be enthusiastic about school. Parents can also help children develop study skills and a strong work ethic. As students move into junior high parents should allow and encourage their child to take more responsibility for their studies and encourage career exploration. At this age students get excited about their future and like to think about when they grow up. College planning becomes most important as students move into high school. Students need to understand that their grades, courses, participation in co-curricular activities, volunteer opportunities and work experience all play a roll in post-secondary education. It is also important that students understand that technical colleges and two-year programs are becoming more difficult to get into all the time. These programs are limited to how many students they can admit, so they often fill up fast and have strict criteria for admissions.

Here are a few things parents can encourage their children to do:

· Acquire study skills and use them

· Ask your School Counselor questions

· Come to school regularly

· Come to school on time

· Complete homework

· Do your best in all your classes

· Explore careers and options

· Get involved in activities

· Take the right course work

· Volunteer

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Get Your Viking Gear Here!

Want to show your Viking Spirit? Loving our new logos? Sounds like you need to check out our official store! Click here to buy your favorite Viking some snazzy threads and gear!

Stay Connected With These Parent Resources

Parent Connection

Parents are valued partners and we believe that successful learning is best achieved through collaborative partnerships with parents and families. Our Parent Connection page is a one stop shop of resources for parents in LVISD. Click here to check it out!

Stay Connected with ParentLink by Blackboard

Lago Vista ISD uses the ParentLink communication system from Blackboard to assist in alerting parents, families, and employees of important information, such as school closures. ParentLink communicates via telephone, SMS text message, email and push notifications from the ParentLink app. Be sure to add a filter to your inbox so that emails containing the word “Blackboard” are not delivered to Spam. Download the FREE ParentLink app from the iTunes app store or on Google Play.

LVISD Publications and Forms

The District has a one-stop shop for all District publications and forms, including course catalogs, student handbooks, grading guidelines, and special programs information...and we are continuing to build this resource as documents and handbooks become available. Our "Publications and Forms" page is located under the "Parents and Students" tab, as well as on the "Quicklinks" menu on the right side of our homepage. Here is a link to the Publications and Forms page.

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Make Sure You Know About StayALERT (...and Talk About it With Your Kiddos!)

Lago Vista ISD uses StayALERT to help keep our schools safe. StayALERT is a bilingual, confidential website, e-mail, phone and texting avenue for students, teachers, staff, parents and community members to be able to confidentially report unsafe behaviors, suspicious activities, bullying, acts of violence, harassment, and a host of other potential disruptors to school safety.

Users may anonymously report concerns 24-7-365 via the StayALERT website, an e-mail, a phone call to a recorded and monitored line, or via a text message from a cell phone. Photos and video clips pertaining to the StayALERT report may be included. No special app required! Reportable information will be forwarded in a timely manner to a pre-designated school official for review.

To make a report, use one of the methods below:


Call or Text: (206) 406-6485


Lago Vista Middle School

Mission Statement: Lago Vista Middle School will provide a positive and supportive environment, which builds self-confidence, develops responsibility, and assists each student in becoming a successful life-long learner.