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L.E.T. There Be News! Week of 8/31/21

First Full Week Success!

We had a fantastic week! We solved our slower lines in 5th grade lunch by giving each 5th grader a little card with their name and student ID to log into our new lunch system on Tuesday. By Thursday, no one needed their cards and all students were successful in punching in their lunch code numbers. Monday was a bit of a slow process and we helped ease the struggle of the lack of extras by offering them a popsicle that afternoon. We like to call it Popsicles with the Principals. It was super fun and it gave us the opportunity to get to talk with those homerooms while they enjoyed their treat. We will continue to share treats with homerooms throughout the school year.

As we were engaging with our students during dismissal time this week, I shared a conversation with a young man about his chihuahua named Lego. The excitement that was in this young man's voice was fantastic. He talked about Lego wanting to come onto the bus with him and how much he loved and cared for his little dog. The bus driver then became interested in the tale of Lego and remembered the morning that this little friend wanted to join him on the bus. My take away goes beyond that of this young man's love for his adventurous chihuahua named Lego. It goes to the point that the bus driver was genuinely interested in what this young man had to say. We are a Lee Eaton Family and we truly look forward to hearing the adventures of Lego and any other tales that our students have to share. So this week's Tribune is in honor of Lego, the curious chihuahua.

Please reach out to your Teachers, School Counselors or Administrators if you need any assistance!

Student Council

Student Council is preparing for elections here in the building. Please see the flyer below.

Here is the link for students to apply:

Applications must be submitted by Friday, September 10th

Meetings will be held the first TUESDAY of EVERY month from 2:30-3:30 in the Art Room.

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Curriculum Nights!

Our Fifth grade curriculum night will be next Tuesday, September 7th from 6-7 for those who wish to come into the building. We will be sending a VIRTUAL presentation with each staff member presenting their information on a screencastify within the presentation. You may CHOOSE which option works best for you and your family. Virtual OR in person.

Our Sixth grade curriculum night will be next Wednesday, September 8th from 6-7 for those who wish to come into the building. AGAIN, we will be sending a VIRTUAL presentation with each staff member presenting their information on a screencastify within the presentation. You may CHOOSE which option works best for you and your family. Virtual OR in person.

The presentation will be sent via an eblast on Monday evening. If you choose to come in person, please find the schedule/ rotation for the evening in that same eblast. You will START your evening in your student's HOMEROOM. Your homeroom teacher will review your rotation.

We ask that you wear masks upon entering the building and throughout the evening.

Student Shout Outs!

We had a couple of instances that students stood out this week as they demonstrated respect, courtesy, responsiblity, and kindness around the building!

First, we had Mrs. Ventre's homeroom outside in PE class witness a class competition during a mask break of some 5th grade homerooms. Upon the winners being declared, Mrs. Ventre's homeroom took it upon themselves to stop, line up along the 5th grade homeroom's path and clap and cheer for them upon their victory! Mr. Edmond said it was one of the best moments in his career to witness them. He approached his class and inquired what prompted them to do this and the response from many students in the class was that they are older and wanted the 5th graders to know how that they were there for them and supported them. THIS is the Lee Eaton family we know and love! Well done Mrs. Ventre's homeroom! Well done!

Secondly, we had an email from Mrs. Monroe that told us a story of a "young lady that her friend was late to class so when her friend returned, she helped her friend put together her interactive journal. Without even asking or mentioning it, she went around to all the tables and started throwing away their scrap papers from the journal! She is always looking for ways to help out me and her fellow classmates! She treats others kindly and always asks good questions!" Awesome job goes out to Skylar Jones!! Well done!

Thirdly, we had two assemblies this week in 6th grade and one assembly in 5th grade. Our students were fantastic!! We could not have been more proud of the welcoming and awesome behavior and respect ALL of our kids displayed at all times. So courteous! So respectful! and So attentive! #PROUDPRINCIPALS

We are always on the look out for our students to do amazing things! Great kids doing great things!

OPTIONAL Chromebook Insurance Deadline Approaching

You many find all chromebook information on the following link:

You may find this information on the Nordonia website under the Families tab. Simply click the Chromebook Information tab.

6th Grade Band & Choir Kick Off Assembly

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Lee Eaton PTA

From your PTA President

The PTA is so excited to plan some fun events this school year, and we want our Lee Eaton families to get involved. Our first PTA meeting will be Wednesday, September 15th—please join us!

For up to date information and opportunities, join our PTA Facebook page. This is for our Lee Eaton families and staff only— search “Lee Eaton PTA” to join.

We are working with an awesome new Spiritwear company, sale going on through September 15th. You can get Lee Eaton or Nordonia gear, ships directly to your home.

Lee Eaton Gear:

Nordonia Gear:

We are taking PTA memberships for the 2021/2022 school year.

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Lee Eaton Fundraiser Kick Off Assembly

We had our fundraiser kickoff assembly today for all students. The kids were awesome. They should be coming home with their ordering forms and information today. Homeroom teachers have their forms if they did not receive them today. Sales may be online or on paper. Students should turn in their checks/money with their forms to their homeroom teachers by the deadline of September 20th. Pick up for ALL items ordered will be on Wednesday, October 27th from 2:15-5:30 here at Lee Eaton.

Please see below for what the forms look like.

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