Created By: Makayla Tant and Avery Neal

Physical Features

Halong Bay is one of the well known Places in Vietnam. Halong Bay is a big ocean filled with hills. Another popular place is Hue.Hue is a tourist site.Last but not least Sapa.Sapa is a town on the mountains.

By: Makayla Tant


The government type in vietnam is communist state. Only the communist party can vote not the citizens.

By:Avery Neal


Vietnam's economic system is dung and the literacy rate is 93.4%. Vietnam's GDP per capita is $1,910.51 billion.

By:Avery Neal


In Vietnam they have a lot of holidays 2 of them are Vietnamese Woman's Day and Halloween.

One of their traditions is they bow to each other


If you decide to go to Vietnam you should go in the spring or summer.In spring EVERYTHING is green.In the summer the water is clear and its not so cold.

By: Makayla Tant