September News

Origami Owl

Fall Season!

Hello Owls!

I know I haven't sent anything since the beginning of August so I have some incentives coming your way!!

Fall is by far the busiest season for Origami Owl Designers. If you are new and have not experienced a Christmas season, get ready for an insane ride!

New today, you can order your designer charm!

We’ll start sending out Recognition Charms this week, and you’ll be receiving the Charm that represents the title you held at the end of August—plus the Charms created for each of the titles you earned prior. For example, if you’re a Team Leader, you’ll receive three Charms—the Team Leader Charm, Leading Designer Charm and the Designer Charm.

Because this is the first month of the new Recognition Program, Designers, Lead Designers, Team Leaders and Senior Team Leaders will need to order their Recognition Charms through the Back Office. Recognition Charms can be added to an existing Designer Order or shipped separately, free of charge. Simply log in to the Back Office, click on New Designer Order under the Order tab, and select Standard Shipping at the bottom of the page. Then click on Next. Once on the View Cart page, select the Recognition Charms that appear underneath the order details and then click Add to Order. Then follow the remaining steps to complete the order. This is a one-time step—when you promote up in the future, your Recognition Charm will be sent automatically.

Here Today, Gone to Maui!

I am sure by know you all know that Origami Owl is offering all Origami Owl designers the opportunity to earn a trip to Maui.

February 5, 2015 – February 9, 2015. Four nights at the luxurious Sheraton Maui Resort and Spa on Kaanapali Beach

A Hawaiian excursion of your choice, like snorkeling with sea turtles, paddle boarding, a day at the spa and more

Free time to spend as you choose

A welcome reception and closing Luau (O2 style)

Accommodations, transportation and a meal card are provided

Level 1 Award
Trip for one – that’s you!
A minimum of 22,000 points and 3 personally sponsored qualified Designers
August 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014

Level 2 Award
Trip for two – you and the guest of your choice! Some guest restrictions apply.
A minimum of 30,000 points and 4 personally sponsored qualified Designers
August 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014

$1 in PV = 1 point
$500 in CTV = 1 point
$1 in PV of personally sponsored New Designers = ½ point

NEW! PROMOTION BONUS. Designers will earn an additional 100 points for every title promotion they achieve during the incentive period.

NEW! MENTORSHIP BONUS. When mentors have a Designer in their First Level promote, they will earn an additional 100 points.

When Designers’ Paid-As Title matches or exceeds their Lifetime Title, they’ll earn an additional 200 points.

A little about me and mentor information

For all of those who do not know me I am Marlisa, I am been with Origami Owl since February 2013. I am a Senior Team Leader. I do work full time at a law firm and use Origami Owl as additional source of income like many of you do. I have two dogs, Roxy and Izzy, who are both rescue pits. Roxy was part of the reason I joined Origami Owl, she had surgery in August 2012, which cost me a little over $4,000 and I was struggling to pay off bills with having to pay off the surgery as well. I am so glad Origami Owl has found me. Now, I can be a Force for Good and donate to other animals in need, fundraiser for Pitbull advocacy groups and Animal shelters. The other reason I feel that Origami Owl was a perfect fit for me was back in 2004 my first dog, Maggie, passed away. I got her for my 10th birthday. Shortly after she passed my mom got me a silver heart locket engraved with "I LOVE YOU MAGGIE XOXO" on the back. I wore that locket everyday until I got my Origami Owl kit in the mail. OO has allowed me to keep Maggie close to my heart in my new locket and to show my love for my dogs Roxy and Izzy. Also, once I become an Executive Team Leader I will make a team facebook page. Once my design is finished, I will debut the team name!! Stay tuned!

I know the Mentor ladder is hard to understand.

So I will explain it from me up starting with me at the bottom and Heidi Russell at the top

Heidi Russel (Our Direct to Corporate)

Lynn Avara-Stover

Lisa Vannella Weihbrecht

Connie and Courtney Silakoski

Marcie Bono

Patricia Gentile

Marlisa Beatty

Please remember your Mentor is your first point of contact. If she can not answer your questions or help you with your issues, have it escalated up the chain. Please do not skip over your Mentor, their mentor and so on and go directly to Connie.

You all have my contact information, please save my number and email in your contacts. If there is every an emergency or your mentor or their mentor is unreachable please contact me. Please remember people do have lives and work, so if you do not hear a response in 5 mins please give them a little more time to respond. They could be busy at work, at a dr. appointment, napping (I so wish!) or anything else where they can not respond right away. Also, please respect quite hours such at 11PM-7AM. I know some of us are night owls, but not all of us are.