By: Rany Ishak

Growing Tomatoes

When choosing tomatoe seeds, you must choose an organic one, from start to finish.

Step one is to get fresh seeds for the best chances of success. As tomato seeds age, their germinations rate decreases. It's best to use seeds that are less than 4 years old; however,Seeds that are much older can usually be germinated if they have been stored in cool and dry condition.

Step two is; before planting seeds, you must determine when your plants can be safely placed into the garden. Planting outdoors is best for 1 or 2 weeksafter the average last frost data for your astep three is toplant your seeds. Fill a small container with damp seed starting mix. Plant your seeeds about 1/8 of an inch ( 3 millimeters ) dedep.Firm the mix lightly to ensure that thge seed is in direct contact You can plant lots of seeds closed together, because the resulting will be movesd to larger containers after germination.