Wild Flower Spa and Salon

New York City


Every color, pattern, jewel, sparkle, shape that you could think of on your nails.

Hair Styles

You could have long or short hair and we will style it up for you. We color, cut, trim, braid, straiten, curl, highlight your hair, and there is so many more possibilities.


We can do any kind of massages. Hot rocks, oils, and more. Also, we could paint and style your nails for you. Just sit back and relax, and we will do the rest for you.

New York

My spa and salon is located in the city of New York City. It will be a great way to get a lot of business. Also, i will start to get popular and people will know the store. New York is a great city to be in and now my store will be amazing just like the other stores around mine.

Spa and Salon

I really like the idea of having a business for a spa and salon. One thing that I like about having a business like this is ,because I could do things that I love to do all day and have fun with it. Also, there are so many new things that I will discover through this business.


To make this business successful I found tell a lot of my friends about it and then tell them to spread the word around. So by doing that I will get a lot of business. Also, I would put flyers all around the area and people would come to my spa and salon. Next, sense I am a new business everyone would want to come here, because they dont know what it is like yet, so that will attract visitors. Finally, sense there will be people coming a lot of the time it would bring a lot of money through the doors and that will be good for paying all of the bills and supplies needed for the store.