Crow Agency Public School

December 14th - December 18th, 2015

Achieving Our Dreams through Education

Thoughts & Reminders this Week

Wow! We are already here in late December and the school year is flying by fast. Classroom parties should take place on the 18th. It is the last week before the break, but let's continue to remind our students of our expectations and keep them on task. This week we will start our break off with a lunch to be served in the library on the 18th, and the students will be performing for their parents. After school we will all meet in the library for a short staff meeting.

Secret Santa

If you would like to be Santa for some of our students please contact Me or Ms. Schaub. We need your names by this week so we can arrange the gifts for the students.

Winter Break

Let's prepare our kids for the Winter break by encouraging them to read a book, maintain a healthy bedtime and to wake up early. Let's make sure their memory of school before the break begins is a good one.

This Week at a Glance

Video Reflections will be taking place this week.

Tue. Dec. 15


8:30-9:15 - 5th Grade

10:00-10:45 - PK Grade

10:45-11:30 - 4th Grade

12:20-1:20 - 3rd Grade

2:10-3:00 - Kindergarten

Wed. Dec. 16


8:30-9:15 - 5th Grade

10:00-11:00 - 2nd Grade

12:20-1:20 - 1st Grade

2:00-3:00 - 3rd Grade

Thurs. Dec. 17


9:00 - 5th Grade Caroling

10:00-10:45 - 2nd Grade

10:45-11:45 - 4th Grade

12:20-1:20 - 1st Grade

1:20-2:00 - PK Grade

3rd Grade Trip to the Yellowstone Art Museum

Fri. Dec. 18

Lunch in the Library for staff

Christmas Program

9:00 - PK - 2nd

10:15 - 3rd - 5th

2:15 - Staff Meeting the Library

Explicit Instuction

I have included some terrific videos in the hope you may enjoy them over the break or during this week. Explicit instruction or direct instruction is a school wide expectation (I do, we do and you do). We tell students what specific objective or skill we are going to teach them, then we teach them, then we tell them what we taught them. But the key is engaging the whole class by allowing them to participate in the learning experience by utilizing partners and other engagement practices. Please search Anita Archer on youtube for more great video's like these.
Getting Them All Engaged
Anita Archer explains the use of instructional routines in the classroom.
Active participation choral response
Anita Archer Elementary Series - Instruction Must Be Interactive
Dr. Anita Archer - Vocabulary Instruction

Crow Agency Public School

Crow Agency Public School is located in the heart of Crow Country and serves grades Pre-K to 5th.