Better World Week

A Celebration of Service

You too were born to make the world a better place, so put your talents into good use.

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Magen's Crew Visits Universe City

In collaboration with the Arts East New York + Word Up Cafe, Magen's Crew visited Universe City, a non-profit co-working space and maker lab in Brooklyn. They had hoped to work on public speaking skills, explore career paths, and brainstorm college essay topics. But students were blown away by the space and the people there.

Chase, a junior at BCS, described how there was a diverse group of who shared the same goal: to make the place better for the public. It was a safe space where people could say anything and be respected. Students really admired other people's thoughts and ideas and auras.

Another student added, "I really liked the fact that everyone was expressing themselves with music and art, instead of being a business based on money they incorporated the fact that it's important to help young people to find their passion with music and art."

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Angela's Crew Writes to Migrant Youth

Angela's Crew learned about youth who seek asylum, and the factors that lead them to the United States. They traveled to the Statue of Liberty and toured the Ellis Island museum. The museum provided a conference room where students could discuss the history of migration.

Then they participated in a letter-writing campaign to support migrant youth in detention centers and to demand that the facilities return them to family members in the United States. Townsend connected them with an organizer who visited the following week to pick up and deliver the support letters to the young people. Students personally mailed their demand letters to elected officials.

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Sam & Claire's Crew Support Mary-A-Whalen

Through a connection from Tracey Pinkard, BCS parent coordinator, Sam took students to Portside, NY to the Mary-A-Whalen. This historic ship, an oil tanker from 1938, is one of the last of its kind. Students supported the boat's operations and learned about its history.

Bryan, an 8th grade student, described his experience: "We used an oven, and there were different fuels for the oven & some for the boat. We put on gloves, went up to the second level to the captain's deck where the captain's wheel was."

Kristian added, "Our goal was to lift a 500 pound table for an activity night when tourists come. We used a crane to lift it up together, it was tough work." River said, "It was swinging, and Henry and me had to keep it steady."

Students also learned that boats are referred to using she/her and that the steering is up top but the power is down below, so there's a communication tube for people to speak with each other.

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Tracy's Crew Visits the Eileen Dugan Senior Center

Tracy's crew talked, danced, and played games with seniors at Eileen Dugan. This was their second year visiting, and they really enjoyed their time there. Marcus and Jalen helped some seniors play bingo. Christian said, "It was pretty fun. We got to play WiiSports."

And So Much More!

Crews worked together all over New York City to make the world a better place. Here are some of the other amazing projects students and staff collaborated on:

  • Led by artist and BCS parent, Sara Galkin, students used found and recycled materials to create their own piece. Together, they built an art installation within the natural world to be enjoyed by anyone passing by.
  • Students cleaned up parks, beaches, and neighborhoods. They also learned from the NYC Parks Department how to care for city-maintained street trees.
  • Students prepped and served over 150 meals at Trinity LES soup kitchen.
  • In collaboration with the Alice Austin House historical museum, students collected plastic and performed water quality testing on Staten Island.
  • Collected clothes and canned goods to donate to the needy.
  • Learned about color blindness and created materials to educate the public.
  • Engaged in fundraising for various nonprofits.
  • Writing and mailing kind letters and notes of appreciation to brighten people's days.

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About BCS

Brooklyn Collaborative is a NYC Outward Bound School serving students in grades 6-12. We use the EL Education school model, which has its roots in Outward Bound.