Do you know about bullying?

How many kids get bullied a year?

About 44% of middle schools have reported some form of bullying occurring therein.This has made many of them take action, which sometimes results in some success. roughly 14% of them might or will have a negative reaction to it. About roughly 77% of all students are bullied physically or verbally. This could lead to an impact on the way they perform at school and how they go on their everyday lives. It has been indicated that bully victims are 2-9 times more likely to think or will commit suicide than students that are not bullied. Almost or around 160,000 thousand students stay home everyday getting home schooled, since they are afraid of getting bullied. There have been reports that about 35% of teens have been threatened at one point online. These threats could come from even close friends, which could be difficult for (kids) students of all age groups.

What is bullying?

Bullying is when another kid makes fun of you call u dumb, stupid, ugly, fat and a lot of other names and it goes on until you tell a parent, teacher, sister, or someone that can help some people even commit suicide or cut i'm going to tell you it's not worth it your beautiful, smart, worth living for and you don't forget that .