Slice of the Pi

May Edition

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity.

The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.

Winston Churchill

All children are brilliant!

Seven weeks in the books- we are doing it! Change has come at an often uncomfortable pace and we spend our lives in the limbo of uncertainty about reopening, illness, the future... and yet we have come together to help each other, our families, our community, our country, and our world! More than ever I feel so fortunate to be part of the Region 15 community!

"The closure of schools and the move to distance learning has made new learners out of all of us: students, teachers, parents, instructional coaches, and school administrators. I believe that we need to reflect now concerning our day to day decisions and begin to reflect on how our current learning will influence our future practices."

-Steve Barkley

As the weather gets nicer and we start to look past this school year and into the next, I know we have concerns about what gaps we will be facing when we return to our buildings. I was part of an NCTM conversation that challenged us to say- ALL CHILDREN ARE BRILLIANT. If we hold to that mindset, how would we design instruction for the fall? What "strength spotting" can we do now? What can we leverage to build a bridge?

I've been witness to the work coming out of the subcommittees and the incredible resilience of our students. You are brilliant. Our students are brilliant. Next year will be brilliant.

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Want to try Google Drawing?

Here are some sample Google templates using pattern blocks to:

Want to try Jamboard in your Google Meet?

You can use Jamboard as an interactive whiteboard in your Meets! You can use it as a screen share - or as a shared doc. Here is an example of one using an Open Middle time problem.

Want to try a virtual or asynchronous Three Act Task?

I am a big fan of Three Act Tasks and recently had the pleasure of attending a webinar with Graham Fletcher as he spoke to how we can continue to use that problem solving routine in our virtual world.Below are some samples of how it could play out. If you would like to collaborate on using one as the backbone of your lessons for the week or "going live" with students let me know!

PD Opportunities

Christina Tondevold, of Building Math Minds, has a webinar 3 Keys to Building Elementary Math Fluency available for free!

Corwin has a free Monday webinar series- including one coming up on Strengths Based Math Instruction!

NCTM is offering 100 webinars to celebrate their 100 year anniversary. I'll be joining one in May The Ten Frame Grows Up!

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Don't forget to check out the lessons our amazing interventionists have been hard at work putting together! Many learners can benefit from what they have available!

K-2 Intervention

3-5 Intervention

Dear Family,

Below are some resources you may want to share with families. There is a link to series of podcasts for caregivers who are currently "homeschooling" and a list of math books they may enjoy as a family. Many of them they may be able to find in online read aloud formats- or in our online resources! Check out the emails from our awesome library media specialists for more information on accessing our ebooks!

Zero by Kathryn Otoshi

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