ACA Pediatrics Council - April 2021

Election Results, New SACA Liaison, Council Updates & More


đź‘Źđź‘Źđź‘ŹCongratulations to Drs. Stacy Hallgren and Jennifer Murphy for their re-election to the ACA CCP executive team. Dr. Jennifer Murphy will continue to serve the organization as Vice-President and Dr. Stacy Hallgren will continue to serve as Council Treasurer.

Elections to the offices of the Executive Committee are held annually, with the President and Secretary positions elected in even number years, and the Vice President and Treasurer positions elected in odd number years, in accordance with the ACA Pediatrics Council Bylaws. Each position carries a 2 year term. If you have any questions regarding the nomination or voting process, contact the Council Secretary.

ACA Peds Private FB Group REBOOT: Join Today

Join the members-only facebook group of the ACA Pediatrics Council. This is an open forum for posing questions or comments about the practice of pediatric chiropractic. Our executive council moderates this page and should be a valuable resource for any questions regarding cases, techniques, practice growth and management, etc. We hope you enjoy and utilize the ACA Pediatrics Council Private Group!

To join our council, please visit our website to download a membership application:

Membership is free for students!

Benefits of joining:

  • Valuable resource for doctors and students to openly interact with ACA Pediatrics Council Members
  • Ask questions or share ideas related to patient/clinical cases, treatments or practice management tips
  • Post about job openings, internship opportunities or requests
  • Mentorship for docs and students alike


đź‘‹Student ACA Liaison

Welcome to, Tori Uglialoro, Doctor of Chiropractic Candidate, NYCC Class of 2022, SACA Chapter Vice President!!

Share your passion, knowledge, and expertise!

Submit your application for the newly formed ACA CCP Speakers Bureau. Applications may be submitted to Dr. Mary Beth Minser,

What does the research say about chiropractic care of infants?

Evidence-Based Chiropractic Care for Peds

What does the research say about chiropractic care of infants? Listen as Drs Young and Miller discuss research and the evidence of chiropractic care for babies, breastfeeding, and what we all can do to increase the amount of research available. Dr. Jesse Young DC interviews Dr. Joyce Miller DC, PhD. the author of Evidence-Based Chiropractic Care for Infants, Rationale, Therapies, and Outcomes.

Watch the discussion HERE

Help support more research in pediatric chiropractic by donating even $5.

Donation Link

To hear more about Dr. Katie Pohlman's COURSE research project check out this Video: ​

COURSE Project

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Continuing Education Resources from the ACA

Learn ACA: Online education from the profession’s most knowledgeable subject matter experts and respected thought leaders in chiropractic. Earn and track continuing education (CE) credits in one, easy system: Get started today! Search by category, including 5 pediatrics focused offerings.

Bike Safety Tips for All Ages

With the arrival of spring, more people will be taking to the streets on their bikes.

The Hard Facts from Safe Kids Worldwide:

Properly-fitted helmets can reduce the risk of head injuries by at least 45 percent – yet less than half of people 14 and under usually wear a bike helmet.

Top Tips

  1. Wear a properly-fitted helmet. It is the best way to prevent head injuries and death.
  2. Ride on the sidewalk when you can. If not, ride in the same direction as traffic as far on the right-hand side as possible.
  3. Use hand signals and follow the rules of the road. Be predictable by making sure you ride in a straight line and don’t swerve between cars.
  4. Wear bright colors and use lights, especially when riding at night and in the morning. Reflectors on your clothes and bike will help you be seen.

Do you have minute?

As part of this community, we want to connect with you, learn more about who you are, and know who we can refer patients to. We are looking for members of the ACA Pediatrics Council to feature on our website and social media pages.

Would you like to be featured as our member of the month? Member Minute consists of a one minute video of you answering your favorite questions below an introducing yourself. Please take a few minutes to answer these questions, and email your responses with a video to us.

Application for Member Minute

  • Full name:
  • Company Name:
  • Website:
  • Pick one or more of the following questions to answer:
  • Why did you become a chiropractor?
  • What motivates you to serve your community?
  • Do you have an area of expertise?
  • What is your favorite thing about being part of the pediatrics council?
  • Who do you love providing care for, who can we send your way?
  • What 3 words would you use to describe the ACA pediatrics council?
  • How has being involved with the ACA helped your career?
  • What is your favorite pediatric chiropractic memory or case?
  • What advice do you have for doctors considering joining the ACA pediatrics council?
  • Share one thing you do for fun.

Please send an email to our membership chair, Dr. Jo Nell Shaw at, include a headshot/photo you’d like used with your answers, a video answering any of the above questions, and links to your business’ social media profiles.

Thank you for your continued support of the ACA Pediatrics Council!

Together, we are working to advance the field of chiropractic pediatrics.

We would like to highlight some of the benefits of being a member:

  • Increases your visibility as a doctor of chiropractic who serves the pediatric community.

  • You are placed on a Find A Chiropractor list for colleagues to use or for the public to

    find a chiropractor who treats pediatric patients, increasing your patient base.

  • Helps align yourself with other doctors of chiropractic who are like minded

    in providing pediatric care and increased networking opportunities.

  • Provides opportunities to expand your educational resources.

  • Attending an annual symposium that highlights great speakers on multiple pediatric topics.

  • Discounted registration fees on educational courses and yearly symposium.

  • A complimentary subscription to Journal of Chiropractic Medicine

  • Social media messaging and interaction with colleagues through the council’s

    Facebook and Instagram accounts.

  • Helps you market to your pediatric community… and much more.

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Join or Renew!

There are so many more advantages to being a member that will enhance your pediatric practice. We invite students and first year graduates to join, as their membership fees are FREE! General membership is only $85.00 for ACA members.

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