By Karli Roberds

Information about Tsunamis

BA tsunami, also called a seismic sea waves, can be caused by Earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, glacier calvings, meteors and more. Tsunamis waves are not like normal ocean waves because a tsunamis wavelength is much more farther. Tsunami means harbor wave which comes from the Japanese. Small tsunamis are non-destructive and undetectable without special equipment and they happen almost every day. The first wave of a tsunami is very tall but that is not what makes the destruction it is the huge mass of water behind it and the power behind the waves. The tsunami will destroy anything in its path. To know if a tsunami is coming officials detect a large, shallow earthquake and send out a warning to the people which means it might happen so be on the lookout to help secure the people to be safe and to know that and maybe plan an evacuation route. To help identify and estimate the size of the tsunami scientists look at the size of the underwater earthquake but sometimes that information won't help because the tsunami can arrive within minutes after the earthquake. Some main features of a tsunami are flooding and most of the time it has major destruction. Tsunamis can bring people and houses miles out to sea.