High School Weekly Update

From Co-Principals Ruby Bode & Chuck Scott

April 2, 2021

Dear EPHS Family,

Spring is in the air and all around us. The weather is beginning to warm, the trees are beginning to bud, animals are awakening from their slumber, and the ground is carpeted with new growth. It is a perfect time for us all to receive a relaxing and restful spring break from work and school. You all deserve it!

Critical thinking is one of the Global Outcomes that we value in our community and an essential competency for our graduates. Recently, we have had the pleasure of visiting classrooms to observe students developing this skill under the direction of their teachers. Students in the freshman class recently gathered research and data surrounding the impact that flex-time has had on student achievement. They invited us to the class to present their reasoning and claims to support the continuation of flex time for next school year. We are using their findings to plan for our 2021-22 schedule. We were able to join an English class where students argued for or against including certain genres of literature in our school curriculum. The students used evidence and examples from the resources they explored to support their reasoning. Seeing our teachers engage students in critical thinking in the classroom reminded us that this is our next generation of problem solvers, creators, entrepreneurs, inventors, and change-makers. These opportunities bring us so much joy!


Ruby Bode & Chuck Scott

Quarter 3 Grades Available on PowerSchool

You can view your final Q3 Grades by logging into your PowerSchool account.

  • If you are a student and are unable to access your account and need help, please see Mrs. Cynda Basch in the library, or email her at cynda_basch@psdr3.k12.co.us.
  • If you are a parent and are unable to access your account, or need help setting up an account, email rachelle_ruiz@psdr3.k12.co.us, or call the school 970-586-5321 and dial x3304 for English or x3353 for Español.

Upcoming State Assessment

This month the high school will be providing the state assessment to students. Parents have the option to opt their students out of the required state testing by making this request in writing and in accordance with a Statement of Exemption. This must be returned to the high school office.

State testing days are as follows:
  • April 13 SAT for Juniors
  • April 14 PSAT10 for Sophomores
  • April 15 PSAT9 for Freshman

Please bring the following:

  • Your approved calculator Click HERE for acceptable calculators
  • Two #2 pencils
  • Eraser
  • any snack/ water bottle you want during the break.

Don't bring a cell phone. You will be checking in your phone upon arrival as they are not permitted in the testing area.

We welcome RLA students to join us for our testing days. If you would like your student to take the state assessments with us, please reply to this email or contact mary_barron@psdr3.k12.co.us, and let us know so we can prepare space in our testing rooms.

Testing Day Schedule:

· 8:00-8:15 - Arrive and check in with the office

· 8:15 - 8:20 - Travel to assigned testing location.

· 8:30-12:30 - Testing in Progress

March 15 Snow Day

A few have asked if we will add another instructional day onto the end of the school year due to having a cancelled day on March 15 from the snowstorm. The answer is no. Having a snow day does put us a few hours under the state requirement, but the state offers waivers for this. This year we had so many cancelled days due to our community suffering from wildfire evacuations, which is why we will be applying for this waiver.

Stay for Flex Time! 2:00-3:20

Teachers stay to provide extra tutoring support for students from 2:00-3:20pm every day! If students are receiving low grades they are required to stay to get the extra help they need to be success, but everyone is invited!

Please let Mrs. Rachelle Ruiz in office know if you will be riding the late bus by noon each day.

Grading for Equity

We appreciate the parents who attended our Zoom session about our high school commitments to grading for equity. We were able to gain a lot of great insight from you and suggestions from you. This is very helpful as we reflect, refine, and modify our practices moving forward. Thank you!

If you were unable to attend, you still have an opportunity to talk with us. Please contact us by email, phone, or a Zoom meeting.

email: HSPrincipal@estesschools.org

phone: 970-586-5321 x.3301 or 3302

Graduation is Friday, May 28

Our EPHS Graduation Ceremony will take place on Friday, May 28. The time is not confirmed yet. Plans are in the works, and will have to be approved by the school district and LCDHE. We will provide details in our newsletter as they develop.

At this moment, we are planning to have the graduation ceremony outside in the stadium in late morning or early afternoon. The ceremony will not be open to the public. Only relatives of the graduates will be able to attend. We will provide more information as our plans develop and are approved. Since it will not be open to the public, we will be live-streaming it for everyone in our community to watch who is unable to attend.

Prom is April 24

Our students are working with their teacher advisors to plan our Prom this year. We are very hopeful that we will be able to have our Prom at the Stanley Hotel on April 24. We will be able to provide a covid-19 test for every student attending prior to the event and after the event. We will be publishing more details as we get them from the prom committee.


Congratulations to 3 of our divers who participated in the State Diving Competition on March 16! Kaylie placed 7th, Sadie placed 9th, and Annalise placed 12th! Congratulations to these state athletes!

Season "C" athletics is underway which includes volleyball, football, and boys soccer. Congratulations to all of these teams for experiencing wins already this season! Wahoo!

If you missed past newsletters or want to look back on past newsletters you can find them on our school webpage under Programs & Services > EPHS Parent Connections.

Contact Your Principals

If you have questions, please ask. Contact your principals.

Chuck Scott, chuck_scott@psdr3.k12.co.us, 970-586-5321 x.3301

Ruby Bode, ruby_bode@psdr3.k12.co.us, 970-586-5321 x.3302

Habla Español?

Rodrigo Santana, Enlace Cultural de la escuela


970-586-5321, x.3353