By: Keith


"Full – grown iguanas can grow up to

Seven feet long, although the average is usually

Somewhere between four and five feet."

Hello, my reptilian friend

May I share this warm weather with you?

We both love this weather do you.

Can we enjoy this weather with you.

So I gonna start with a greeting:

Good morning, and how do you do

I do enjoy your lovely chrome,

Though im just walking through;

I hope you don’t mind if I linger

I just wanna talk with you.

We’re not so different, despite it seems

Given your sizes;

Both of us enjoying this lovely morning

As the weather rises

Like Mexican reptile,united states man

Earthlings who lives in land of all humans.

Rather to soak up the moon,

While our bodies are buried at stones.

When it’s early everybody is around,

And now im nowhere to be found.

It’s just you and me now with the sun,

But I have a quite fun.

Thank you so much for your time,

Now shall I continue to walk,

I shall remember our little quaint talk.