Kade Miller

Career Project


In my family I have one dad, one mom, three sisters, two nephews, and three cousins. My sisters are older than me, this makes me the baby of the family.


Three things I like doing are helping others, play videos games, and spend time with my dogs, friends, and family. I would like to be a Medic and help people.

Personality Traits

My three traits are I am honest, loyal, and friendly.

My Holland personality results were Social (talking to people) and Artistic (creative).

Myers Briggs personality result were Extrovert (means outgoing), Observant (looking out and noticing), Feeling (emotions), judging (decision-making), and Turbulent (questioning my decision).

My three careers are a waiter, doctor, and call center employee.


I am good at problem solving, teamwork, and typing. An assistant would be one job that uses those skills. Another job that uses those three skills is technology teacher.

Multiple Intelligence

My first intelligence is my Musical strength (singer, dancer, and guitarist). My second intelligence is my Naturalist strength (veterinarian, zoo keeper, and park ranger).


My top three life values are kindness, loyalty, and being respectful. My top three work values are teamwork, trustworthy, and finish me work on time.
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Career Cluster

My three Career Clusters:

1) Education and Training - teacher, principal, and body trainer

2) Art, Audio, Video Technology, and Communications - painter, music singer, and YouTube personality

3) Health Science - Doctor, Medic, and Nurse


My actives at school include being a fire marshal and choir. My actives out of school are playing video games and play baseball.

Ways to Improve

One of the ways I can improve is to have a better attitude with my mom. Another way i can improve is to work on getting better grades. A third way I can improve is to be nice to everyone.

It's All Good

I am a nice kid. I like to talk and make new friends. I am smart.
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My Future

Someday I am going to be an engineering designer of robotics. I also want a family. I want to go see N.A.S.A. I also want to be a scientist. I want to ride Wild Fire in Silver Dollar City.
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