Barton Hills Bulletin

October 12 - 16

From Kati

oops - two weeks in a row this didn't get out on Friday. I'll do better!

Have a great week.

Additional Information/Updates/ Reminders

  • GT Update Hours: Remember to do yours online through HCP!

  • Monday Assembly: Please make sure you are in the cafeteria by 7:35 on Mondays so you can greet your class and can help get our rows going.

  • Classroom Lights: Just the last tidbit of information regarding the newly installed lights in the building. The current energy code requires an auto-off/manual on system. So the lights do turn off after the sensors detect no motion in the room for 10 minutes. The lights have to be manually turned back on.

This Week's Events

Starkjohann- Morning Duty


  • "" Day for Special Areas
  • Parent Teacher Conference Day/ No students


  • "B" Day for Special Areas
  • ARD/504/eCST Day
  • 7:45 Morning Assembly


  • "C" Day for Special Areas
  • Benefits enrollment folks on campus for assistance (Conference room)


  • "A" Day for Special Areas
  • Cultural Arts - Magician (9:30 - K-2; 10:15 3-6)
  • No Meetings


  • "B" Day for Special Areas
  • 8:00 Parent "coffee and chat" in library
  • 9:15 First Grade to Zachary Scott Theater
  • 9:00 Kinder to Elgin Pumpkin Patch


  • Marathon Kids National Kick off (Mike Myers stadium)

Upcoming Events

October 12

Parent Teacher Conference Day

October 14

Benefits enrollment folks on campus for assistance

October 15

No meeting

October 16

8:00 Parent "coffee and chat" in library

9:15 First Grade To Zachary Scott Theater

October 17

Marathon Kids National Kick-Off

October 21 - 23

6th Grade to Camp Champions

October 22

Faculty Meeting - Welcoming Schools Module 2

October 23

Teacher Luncheon

8:00 Prospective Parent Tour

October 24

GreenWorks/ Landscaping Day

October 28

Fall Picture Day

October 29

3:00 Cadres

6:30 3rd/4th Choir Halloween show

October 30

SLO submission Deadline

8:30 2nd Grade to Greenbelt

November 7