The Bold Beauties

It's Booking Blitz time!

Grab your Who Do You Know list and join me to book up the rest of your June! Whether you want one more show for five, participating in a booking blitz will help you achieve your monthly goals.

Here's how it works: pick a time to participate in the Booking Blitz, use the June Words to Say document and book a show! When you're done, send me an email with your results and your name will be entered in a draw to win a $25 gift certificate for the new Fall collection!

Booking Blitz times:

  • Tuesday, June 11 - 8-9:30 pm
  • Wednesday, June 12 - 7-9 pm
  • Thursday, June 13 - 6-8 pm

Here are some simple, fun summer Trunk Show ideas:

  • ‘Summer Night Out’- on the deck or backyard, simply irresistible!
    • Say this: We’ll just set up a few accessories on the patio table
    • Do this: Keep it casual with a pitcher of lemonade (or sangria!) and a table of accessories
  • Couples BBQ
    • Say this: While the husbands hang out, the wives can shop
    • Do this: suggest your Hostess organize a potluck with those friends you’ve been meaning to catch up wit
  • School’s Out Celebration
    • Say this: We’ll invite moms over, they can all bring kids along to celebrate, while kids play moms can shop
    • Do this: outside games, sidewalk chalk and popcorn
  • Summer Style Session
    • Say this: Let’s pull out your favorite summer looks from your closet and show your guests how to liven them up with gorgeous accessories!
    • Do this: pull out basic looks that everyone has from your hostess’ closet: everyday casual, summer work chic, outdoor active, summer dressy.
      • Show each with a Pop of color, a neutral mixed metal piece or a layered look. Plant a booking seed while you’re at it!

June Tools

Who wants FREE jewellery? We all do!

Earn Unlimited Product Credit this month by selling & sponsoring, just in time for the new Fall Collection!

Refer to the Stack up your Rewards document in your stylist lounge