Sumawe Primary School Playground

Play is the foundation of creativity and imagination.


Phase I of the playground build was completed in July of 2017. Thanks to the coordination efforts of Simon's Promise Intern and international play advocate Ricardo Cabeza de Vaca, the generous support of our donors, and the efforts of a team of contractors and builders, children at the Sumawe Primary School in Karatu, Tanzania enjoyed their first joyful playground experience.



Continuing to coordinate growth of the playground for the students of Sumawe Primary School, Ricardo Cabeza de Vaca and generous donors made Phase II possible. Students now enjoy the freedom of what for many is their favorite piece of playground equipment: swings. They also have an added tower and agility crossing, as well as a slide. As the play opportunities of these students expand, so will their imaginations, which are the very foundation of innovation and critical thinking.

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